A Moment to Sit!

You know there are mornings where you just “sit” there. Maybe at the table drinking coffee or in front of the computer or television. You know you have a long list of things to accomplish but truly have absolutely no goal or desire to do them. That is how I feel today. I’m exhausted. I want to take the twins to visit Santa but frankly, don’t really care if we get there today.

It rained and snowed all day yesterday and it is cold. I know, perfect weather for Santa, but not perfect weather for this home grown IE Mommy.

Welcome to my world! I am the “IE Mommy” formerly the IE Mom blogger from Inland Empire Family Magazine but alas, things change and life revolves into other forms and here I am!

I fell in love with blogging last year and was offered an amazing opportunity to blog for IE Family Magazine. It wasn’t a permanent job so I was not surprised when they chose to create a new group of moms for 2009.

What did surprise me was the joy I found in blogging. Yikes….did I really say that?
I guess I did because here I am.

I hope you enjoy my journeys, joys and trials as a mom of twins living in the Inland Empire!


~ by iemommy on December 18, 2008.

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