Help me to DECIDE!

I started working blogs on both blogspot and wordpress and really don’t know which one I like more. Give me a hand. Which blog site do you think works or looks better.

Click here to view the Blogspot IE Mommy blog

Of course, you are currently reading the WordPress IE Mommy Blog.

I really need your help…because I will drive myself crazy trying to figure out which is the best. So give me some feedback, please!

~ by iemommy on December 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Help me to DECIDE!”

  1. I, too, have blogs on both WordPress and Blogger. I started with Blogger (Blogspot) but I think I find WordPress easier to use.

    • Thanks for the tip. So far, wordpress seems to be winning. Is there a way to had a mailing list or a following? I seem to be missing it.

  2. Christine, I prefer the wordpress, simply because it is easier for me to read the black tye on a white background. Great blog here! – Angela Mills

    • Thanks Angela for the vote. I am really trying to decide which is easier for me. The both have such different benefits.

  3. I think the wordpress is a little easier read … so glad I’ll be able to keep up with you by visiting your blogs here!

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