I Won!

Do you have any clue how excited I am right now?? Well, okay probably not…but I am!
I so love winning contests and I won one today!! I won SIX pairs of Chic Bud ear phones!christine-fernandez
This is so rocking awesome! I have a pair of Chic Buds for my cell phone and they are so perfect. You get great reception and a little bit of “bling” to spice it up!

When I saw that Set Your Style was having a give away…I just had to enter! When I found out I won…well…let’s just say I was doing the happy dance around the living room!

The fun part about this contest was entering. You had to create your “perfect” New Year’s Eve outfit in order to be eligible to win. I decided to go with a classy, elegant yet sexy look. I wanted something that I would really wear on New Year’s Eve.

Why did I go with a basic black dress…well, frankly you can’t have too many black dresses or black pants in your closet as far as I am concerned and this one was created in a way to accent your assets and hide some flaws. Of course, if you know me at all, then I have to have a classic pair of very high pointed toe heels!

I am so excited!!!!

~ by iemommy on December 23, 2008.

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