Jenny & God….

It will be a brand new year in less then 10 hours! I am so excited about 2009…but more on that later. I wanted to stroll down memory lane today and found some favorites from back in the day!

Each year brings something exciting and new and I love it. Good or bad it is another chapter in your book of life.

But it is fun to cruise down memory lane and remember the “blasts from the past”. Listening to the sounds of the 80’s reminds me of being young and well, young! Driving around  in my brand new red mini truck (remember the mini truck craze?) Big hair, big shirts, big belts and leggings or pegged jeans! Oh I was so cool! It makes me sick to think of the size of my ego, lol. But all in all it was a part of growing up and becoming the woman God has formed me into.

Stroll with me….back in time…to the days of The Cosby Show, Molly Ringwald, Rubiks Cube and L.A. Disco. Yikes…was that really dancing? In every high school, even my Christian one, you had groups of Mod, Punk, New Wave and Preppy.

867-5309/Jenny Do those numbers sound familiar to you? If so, then  you are a child of the 80’s and remember the infamous song by Tommy Tutone.

How about Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield.  Are you kidding me? I would have died to be Jessie’s Girl! I don’t think Rick Springfield had much talent as far as singing goes…but that face! Catch me I am about to faint!

Another song I loved was by Human Leaque “Don’t you want me?” The song seems like a typical break up song. You know how they went…girl figures out she is better off without this boyfriend and she dumps him. He is desperate and will do anything to get her back. When you watch the video though….well, I don’t get it! What the heck are the talking about???? Someone help!

Stacy Q had a great song to dance to…Two of Hearts…was the perfect song to play while driving around in my little truck!

As much fun as it is to stroll back to the 80’s….I wouldn’t let my girls listen to one of these songs at all! No wonder my parents were always telling us to “turn it off”.

Think about the lyrics….YIKES!

Poor “Jenny” had her name plastered on the wall! Every teenage girl’s nightmare! But here’s the thing….was she supposed to find comfort in this “guy” calling her?   Listen to the lyrics again…sounds a bit like a stalker…but then that’s a mom talking now. Back then I was like everyone else singing “867-5309!”

Maybe Rick Springfield should have thought better of smashing the bathroom mirror with his guitar if he really wanted Jessie’s girl to like him. Of course, the reference to her body make me blush as a mom. I don’t even remember hearing those words as a teenager.

“Don’t you want me?”…ok, the boy threatens that they will both be sorry! As a teenager I remember thinking “oh, he’ll probably date another girl” as a mom I think “Will he kill her? Will he bomb the school?…oh, dear!”

And don’t get the mom in me started with Stacy Q!

lol, It is fun to remember the good old days. The sweet memories of growing up are all involved with those songs but I cringe at what I was listening to.

Yes, being young is sweet…but being who I am now…is sweeter. My joy and love comes from the Lord and knowing that forever in his eyes I am a Princess, I am beautiful and I am special….yes, maybe I don’t weigh 100 lbs anymore….I’m not Miss Teen County of San Bernardino any longer…but I am something better….I am the daughter of the king.  I am forgiven!

When I think of my teen years…I smile. They will always be special. When I think of myself as a young adult…I feel my heart beat because that was when my journey with my husband began….but, when I think of myself now…I cry….because I am a mom, a wife, a women and more then anything a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) being made over and over to glorify God.

I am not worthy of His love or His blessings but he gives them because He wants to (Ephesians 1:2-4) and that makes me cry and smile and laugh!

I have know the Lord for over 24 years and I can only praise Him and look forward to each new day. Each new year in my “God’s Tale”…..

Tonight when the clock strikes 12:01 I don’t want to be watching Times Square. I really don’t care what Ryan Seacrest will be doing… I want to be praising my Lord…the reason for 2009!

Take a moment to listen to “these” songs……and be blessed this evening and for all of 2009.

Open the Eyes of My Heart

Come, Now is the Time to Worship

I am Free *This is the most amazing song….

Blessed Be Your Name *Dedicated to my dad, Martin

How Great is Our God


Holy is the Lord, God Almighty

Our Father *Two or More

Lord, I Lift Your Name on High

Here I am to Worship

Happy New Year!
IE Mommy (aka MamaHawk)


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