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dsc_00011 Ok everyone… I took a daring moment to commandeer my wife’s blog and share a little tidbit from home. I’m not sure how Christine is going to feel about having a guest blogger but here it goes…(I’ll keep it short, just in case)

I’m so proud of my daughter Skylar! She has such a BIG heart for others. Earlier today her face was scratched while playing outside in the backyard (bad dog Lilie!)…hence the two Snoopy band-aids on her cheek. But she’s a Trooper… and so after the girls took a rare Sunday afternoon nap, she woke up ready to show some affection to the rest of us. Rylan got the best part of the deal, though. One little cough from Rylan and Skylar was all over it. She quickly went into “pretend nurse” mode and told us all that she was going to be the BIG sister tonight and take care of Rylan. Oh Boy… did she!

She “voluntold” her to “lay down on the couch” so she could keep an eye on her. Then she went to get her favorite blanket, her favorite cup (with lemonade), her favorite snack, and a comfy pillow. She then let her decide on any TV channel she wanted to watch! She even said, “I’m going to let my sister sleep in my bed tonight! WOW…I was impressed! Remember, Skylar was the one who used up half of the first-aid kit just a few hours earlier. Of course, Rylan was L-O-V-I-N-G it so much that Skylar kept pampering her even more.                                              

As I was watching this unfold it made me swell with pride to know that my girls have such tender hearts. Mom (IE Mommy) has done a SUPERB job teaching/showing them how to treat others. Where else could they learn how to be such great mini-moms? Thanks Honey…you get an A+ in my book!

And Skylar… even though I’m so proud of you , it’s time to let Daddy watch TV…I need to check the football playoff schedule for next week! 🙂


~ by iemommy on January 12, 2009.

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