Singing, Santa and Jesus!

Even though I have a digital camera I am sometimes a bit slow in getting the photos downloaded. I just had to share a few shots of my little ones enjoying the Christmas Holiday!


This year the twins participated in our Christmas Children’s Choir. I was so proud of them. Of course, I snagged front row seats, brought my camera and my Flip video. They were not shy at all. Not one teeny tiny bit. I haven’t a clue where they might get that nerve from???



While waiting for service to start I snapped this photo of the twins. It has quickly become one of my holiday favorites. They were so patient and good waiting between services. We were there from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  When you are waiting for Santa to arrive…that is a pretty long evening.


Thanks to my niece the twins didn’t have to wait till later for dinner. She arrived saving the day with a “treat” from Burger King. I love her so much for doing that especially because she didn’t forget me either! In between services we snuck out to her car to enjoy the food but it was cold!


 It seems my girls are more enamored with Reindeer then they are with Santa. We made Reindeer cookies and sprinkled Reindeer “food” on the lawn. We had to make sure that the Reindeers got Santa to the correct destination. It is a very simple and quick recipe…the children love it! Simple mix oats, brown sugar and regular white granulated sugar add a dash of colored cookie crystals and presto! Reindeer food!


 When you are five and you get THREE Christmas each year…well….let’s just say it’s a bit of Heaven on Earth. This Christmas we had the honor of hosting both sides of our families for Christmas. Thankfully, one side celebrates at night and the other side celebrates in the daytime. It leaves the morning for Santa and the four of us….pretty sweet.

Christmas Eve rocked as they un-wrapped their Barbie Hot Tub Bus and a Swim to Me Puppy. Christmas morning began with a mad dash down the stairs and hallway. It was move or get moved as they rushed to the goodies Santa left them. Our afternoon Christmas brought Baby Swim A lot (are you seeing the swimming theme here?).


Rylan and Skylar are STILL taking gifts out of boxes. Our trash man must quiver at the thought of coming to our house. Someone must really tell me why one Barbie box has a ZILLION ties and twisties!

Every year each twin buys a present for the other one. This is a lot more difficult then you could imagine. It’s hard to get them alone and even harder to get them to focus on a gift for their sister and not for their own. This photo of them hugging is one of my favorite photos as they were truly thanking each other from their hearts. It was a rare “sister” moment and I was so proud.


I remember getting excited about Christmas. I anxiously anticipated the presents, lights, food and family. It is still a lot of the same joy and excitement as when I was a child but now I get to enjoy it again through my little ones. But the one big, main difference is that they understand…it is truly about Jesus!

Presents are great! Lights are Beautiful! But Jesus…HE is IT! Over and over through out the holiday the twins and I talked about his birth. They are learning about His mother, Mary and Joseph….how he was born to die so that we may live. I knew the girls had that in their mind. The seed was planted in their hearts and for that reason I could enjoy the Holidaythrough their eyes.
They are five…I’m not going to take away the twinkle and joy of receiving presents and sparkling lights but I will make sure that they are realizing the true light and present is found in Jesus Christ and not just for the evening but for always.

As a Christian mom it is struggle some times to find the balance between the joys of childhood. Balancing Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth fairy with the Truth of Jesus, the Cross and Salvation is a delicate matter.
But if you look at their faces in these photos…well, it looks like God has been guiding us in the right direction….




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