1 Yelp, 2 Yays and an Oh God!

What a difference a haircut makes!

Have you ever wondered how God envisions you? When He looks at you do you wonder what He sees. The bible tells us that He sees the beauty in us and forgets our sins and aggressions against Him. But I’ve wondered what exactly is He seeing in me.

I started thinking about this recently when we took our little puppy, Lilie, to get her first “big dog” haircut. We dropped off this adorable little puppy. Just a complete ball of fur with big brown eyes. I fell in love with Lilie the moment we saw. Her coloring was so unique and she was so soft and fluffy. All the little baby puppy curls were adorable.

When we went to pick her up today…she was a completely different dog. It seemed like she had aged a few years and lost a lot of weight. Her beautiful black and brown tipped fur was gone and in exchange was a very beige, short haired dog. Frankly, I think she looks kind of unattractive (Sorry Lilie).

Rylan and Skylar are going on and on about how cute she looks and how adorable her hair is short. They are loving the fact that they have a tiny little white doggie rather then a fluffy brown doggie. They are looking at her with love in their eyes. Like real moms they are only seeing the beauty in her.

I don’t dare mention that I think they really messed up her hair or that I can’t believe I had to pay for it.

I can’t help but be in admiration of God…knowing that He looks down on me and sees the beauty in me. He looks at me, His child, and thinks I’m marvelous. The world may see ugliness or they may be dissatisfied with me but God sees beauty…just like a loving parent.

You know God speaks to us often and in very unusual ways…if we only pause long enough to listen. I’m delighted that He spoke a moment to remind me of His love today.

I still think Lilie looked better before…but I sure am glad there are two little girls that think she is beautiful.

I am elated that the girls have a love for Lilie that looks beyond the physical. I am overjoyed that my Lord see my imperfections and loves me anyway. He calls me beloved….but….I am even more ecstatic that I don’t have a hair dresser like Lilie’s!


~ by iemommy on January 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “1 Yelp, 2 Yays and an Oh God!”

  1. Love it!!! I love the Fact that God is real and He loves me just as I am!!Thanks for the inspirational passage! Your a natural! Love ya, Kellie

    • Aww. Thanks Kellie. It is a blast being able to put my feelings and thoughs out t here.
      I’ve received great feedback and look forward to writing more of what God inspires me to write.
      Hugs & Love!

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