Have a PJ Party Will Ya?

Do you remember having pajama parties when you were a kid? I do…they were a blast! I wasn’t allowed to go to very many but when I did go…we had fun!

There is something about being with a group of women (girls) and not worrying one bit about what you look like or what you are wearing.

Our Women’s Ministry decided to host a PJ Party and it was a blast. We had DIY manicures and pedicures, knitting lessons, chick flicks galore and tons of games!

I really and truly did not want to come back home I was having so much fun.

The evening started a bit shaky because Skylar DID NOT want me to go at all! I am not sure why but when it came time for me to leave she cried and cried. She even went as far as hiding my keys, taking my purse and blocking the door with the coffee table. I am seriously talking “She Did NOT Want Me to Leave!”

My husband and I tried to console her but it wasn’t working. Finally, I “bribed” her with a couple of new toys that I had stashed for her birthday and she conceded to let me go. Thank God.

When I arrived it was a great mix of ladies. Young and Older having a great time. Almost everyone was dressed in either sweats or jammies so it was very comfortable atmosphere. We had an amazing dinner of  stuffed french toast, sausage and fruit.  Yum, love, love breakfast for dinner! 

One group of ladies was busy learning to knit. They were all very quiet as they were was busy concentrating on their knitting. I am proud to announce that I have actually almost, kind of, sort of, pretty much completed a scarf! 

The next room was a big rambunctious. They were playing games like Apples to Apples and Catchphrase. 

When we initially thought of the pajama party we were planning to have everyone spend the night. After some thought we decided  it would be easier if people could stay as long as they would like and then feel comfortable to go home when they wanted to leave.

I believe myself and a couple of others ladies finally closed shop around midnight. Lol, not quite the party animals we thought we’d be….but it was so much fun…I would recommend you give it a try!

I don’t remember having that much fun with a bunch of “girls” since I was a teenager. I want to thank Mary for taking the time to teach everyone to knit and to thank Jill for offering to give anyone a pedicure…. my toesies look so pretty!

You know it is such a blessing to know some of the most amazing women. God has truly blessed me with a great bunch of ladies to grow in grace with and to build friendships. Doesn’t matter what age or color each of the ladies at that party are just beautiful…even in their jammies!

But the best part o f the entire party was when I got home, the house was NOT messy and everyone was asleep!














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