Finally!! Pictures of Prizes are UP!!

Scarves are here
Photo Editor

Finally, the pictures of the scarves are ready for viewing! My goodness that was an ordeal getting my camera back. I left it at my moms and the way my schedule has been… I didn’t have the opportunity to swing by and get it. I asked my niece to bring it to me and she forgot…Then I forgot and so on and so…..

I am so sorry! What fun is a contest if we can’t see what we’ll win, right?

Ok….well if you will forgive me enough to enter…I’ll be very happy!

Click on the link below to view the photos of the scarves that are currently available to win! The Winner will be able to choose the scarf of their choice! Mailed directly to them courtesy of The IE Mommy and Penny’s Pieces!

Of course, all other scarves are available for purchase!

I love winning stuff, don’t you??? Enter today!


~ by iemommy on January 27, 2009.

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