Poop & Pee (Yes, you read right!)

Well, the honeymoon is so over it’s not even funny.  No, I’m not talking about with my husband…I’m talking about our dog, Lilie.  

It appears little Miss Lilie has overstayed her welcome. We are actively looking for a home…preferably, one with out kids. Lilie is a sweet, adorable little dog. But, she has one big flaw… she doesn’t have once once of interest in my children!

The twins have begged, almost since birth, for a dog. We were so sure and confident that Lilie was the dog for us. We really wanted our little one to feel loved. We spared no expense on her bed, food, clothes (yes, clothes), shots and treats. Sadly, she can not stand the twins. She wants absolutely nothing to do with them. When she does interact with them she makes sure they realize “she” is the alpha dog by nipping at their heels and barking. She loves me and she loves my  husband. She will sit quietly, snuggle and follow us around all day. It is a big No Way  if Rylan and Skylar try and get in on the love.

This sweet little dog has been a bone of contention (no pun intended) for my husband and myself. I have tried to postpone having to get rid of her in the hopes that she’ll fall in love with our daughters. He thinks I am just being too easy and not wanting to make the tough decision (He may be right, but shh! Don’t you dare tell him!)

One weekday morning after an argument, uh conversation, about getting rid of Lilie I walked downstairs to find that Lilie had left me a little “gift” that morning! Oh yeah! Needless to say this little present took me over my “ticked-off” limit and I was happily grumbling under my breath.

Now….as  you may know once you get a woman grumbling…well, the topics will vary from the dog to the house to the husband and back again. I was working myself up. I was so glad, at that moment,  that my husband was at work.

I didn’t realize that Rylan was standing in the hallway as I was grumbling about having to pick up poop and pee. She interrupted my thoughts when she asked me: “Why poop and pee, mama?”

“What” I replied 

“Why is it poop and pee?” “Why both? I only see poop.”

“Because it there is one, there has to be the other. Poop and pee go together” I explained.

“Oh, like husbands and wives!” She remarked gleefully.

Oh! Snap! She was right on. On more levels that I wanted to admit. I laughed till my sides hurt. I laughed even harder when I saw the bewildered look on her face.  

My grumpy mood left like a … (oh heck, I haven’t a clue “what” it left like…) but I did call my  husband and he laughed as hard as I did. It was exactly the laugh we needed.

Oh, and by the way…anyone want a dog? 


~ by iemommy on January 30, 2009.

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