Too Old to Be Cool?

I grew up in the 80’s. I’ll wait for you to stop giggling….done? Good…now stroll with me to the land of big hair, Aquanet, hot pink lipstick, and high heels with bobby socks. For the record…I never, ever wore socks with my heels!

As every generation has … we had terms that were only for the 80’s. Does Rad, Tough, Awesome and Totally ring any bells? Sadly I still say “awesome” all the time. Not because of the 80’s but really because I think so many things in life are “awesome” (do not read this with a valley-girl accent!). My husband never loses a chance to remind me that I am not in the 80’s when I say that word. But never mind him. I know that I also use “amazing” quite often but I like it and I’m keeping it!

But try as I might there are words that just do not sound right coming out of my mouth. Words like “tight” or “BFF”…I am not sure when I became old but I feel completely uncool (omg, who even says “uncool” anymore) trying to say those words. I recently read that the newest slang word was “amajor” which is supposed to combine amazing and major. Since I use “amazing” so much I thought I’d give it a try.

I sounded like a geek, a dork, a dweeb…..quite frankly….like an old lady trying to be cool!

I’m sad! Really, I am …. because I am so cool that I should be able to say these words with out a problem. Yeah, right…mabye when I was 18…..I have to laugh because I have no idea when I became this old but here I am!

It’s okay…..someday I sure that “rad” and “totally” will come back again and then I’ll be the “it” girl once more….well….at least I will be in my geriatric ward!


~ by iemommy on February 7, 2009.

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