Through the Eyes of A Child

Isn’t it funny how you can receive the most amazing words of wisdom from a child? They have this uncanny ability to appreciate all there is in life and to enjoy it to the fullest.

One afternoon we were leaving a store when Skylar just stopped walking. I look back and she is seemingly staring off into space. When I asked her what she was doing. She said, “Didn’t you see it, Mama? A little moth. He was amazing!”

I had to pause for a moment to realize that through her eyes what I would have just swatted away as a nuisance was to her some magical mid-air dance.

The next day as we were getting dressed Skylar asked for help zipping her jacket. She jumped on the bed so she could be my height and was looking out the window while I concentrated on her stuck zipper.

“Mama, did you see our neighbor’s yard?” She asked.

“Yes, it’s pretty messy isn’t it? I replied with out looking.

“No, it beautiful!” She replied in a whisper.

“What?” I replied half-listening as I was still struggling with her zipper.

“Look at the flowers Mama” She urged with awe in her voice.

I knew the yard she was referring to and well…how can we put it…. it is “landscaping challenged”. I could not imagine a flower garden there. I went to the window and looked….she was right; kind of…in the middle of their overgrown grass was a large cluster of beautiful orange wildflowers.

Through my grown up eyes I had only seen the mess and tall grass. I totally missed the flowers that were indeed God’s beautiful creation while Skylar totally caught the beauty and missed the mess.

I have seen Skylar staring at the stars with a serene look in her eyes and I wonder what her little mind is thinking. I am proud of her sweet spirit and happy that she shares these discoveries with me.

I only hope I never forget what she has unknowingly reminded me of….there is beauty in everything; it just depends on how you look at it.



~ by iemommy on February 10, 2009.

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  1. Oh yes, children help us slow down and see the wonder in the everydayness of life. This was a beautiful post 🙂 Just stopping in via We are THAT Family…but I will be back to read more inspiring words of yours 🙂


  2. Thanks for a much needed reminder! How lovely that you appreciate your girls and don’t just roll your eyes at their “silliness!” A great mom!

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