Something New & Fun at The IE Mommy

I am really excited about this new feature that The IE Mommy will be showcasing….

It is important for every woman to know that she is beautiful, first in God’s eyes and also in her own.

Beauty is defined differently and perceived differently by everyone so if being a “natural” beauty is your gig…awesome! If you like wearing a bit of makeup to make you feel “special”…great! If you are like me, and plan on fighting age every s-i-n-g-l-e step of the way….join the club!

Regardless….it doesn’t matter what your beauty regimen is…I want to give you tools that will help you feel the best you can.

The goal of The IE Mommy is to help woman become the beautiful creations that God made us to be. As a mom, a wife and a woman. God created us uniquely in His image with His design and if my words or blog can help you realize a closer relationship to God and a better understanding of yourself then all I have to say is….Right on!

The IE Mommy was not created to be a beauty and fashion blog. There are some amazing ones already out there that do remarkable jobs (see: AMomInRedHighHeels). 

But I still enjoy all that it takes to be a woman and would love to share some insights that might make being one more fun and glam. As woman we have enough on our plate to worry about…shouldn’t something be easy?

I have created some fantastic sub-pages on healthy, beauty and fashion. You can find them in the pages under the “Total Beauty Articles”. I will be sure and let you know when “new” articles have been listed.

Listen, “true beauty” comes only from God and what the Holy Spirit teaches…but a little lipstick never hurt the outside….

I hope you’ll laugh with me and enjoy the articles! Click the links below to see the newest addition to our Makeup and Skincare Review Page.




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  1. Love it! You write great reviews and since you are such a Hot Mama, you know what you are talking about! 🙂

    • Aww…Tammy! Thanks…that means a lot, especially coming from you. I never would consider myself a hot mama unless you’re talking about hot flashes!

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