What are His Intentions?

My husband is just too funny. I can only imagine that he is expressing the sentiments of all fathers with daughters.

He does not like the girls to play dress-up, wear lip gloss or pretend to go on dates. These are all things that little girls do. It is a natural part of growing up. I personally think it is adorable when they want to put on my shoes and my make-up. I did it when I was little and I am sure other little girls did too. But it makes daddy very uncomfortable.

From a dad’s stand point…it means… “boys” will one day like my daughters! Since dads were once “boys”…it is even scarier for them since they know exactly what “boys” will be like. I have tried to explain to my husband that these “boys” are years away…but I firmly believe that he does not believe me.

In fact…I am convinced he does not believe me… especially after a recent outing he had with the twins. One night my husband took my girls to the bookstore. We adore books in our family and this is really fun treat for the twins.

This is my husband’s version of the evening.

Twins: “Daddy, can we go to the little kid’s section”
Daddy: “Of course, let me grab a couple of magazines”

The girls wait patiently as daddy picks up the latest copy of The Robb Report and the three of them head to the little kids section. Daddy finds a nice, uncomfortable child size bench to sit on while the girls search the selection around them. Finally… Rylan and Skylar locate the books they like. They sit “reading” for some time when a boy comes and sits close by.

Skylar: “Daddy is it time to go?
Daddy: “Not yet, why?”
Skylar: “I wanted to look at some Sponge Bob books but they are far away”
Daddy: “Okay, in a minute I’ll go with you.”

The boy that was sitting nearby gets up and walks away quietly. Daddy notices the boy leave but does not pay attention until the boy returns with a couple of “Sponge Bob” books and places them next to Skylar. NOW he has Daddy’s attention. Skylar is all smiles.

Skylar (whispering): “Daddy, the boy just gave me some books.”

Daddy just looks at the boy and does not say anything to Skylar. Finally, after a few minutes of sizing the boy up…Daddy tells Skylar to say “thank you”.

Skylar (sweetly with dimple showing):“Thank you for finding me the books”
Boy (in a grunting type of voice): “Uh-huh”.

The End!

When I asked my husband why he took so long to respond to Skylar his reply was classic dad. He said “I didn’t know what his motives were”.

Oh Daddy….I love you for it….but you’re going to have an ulcer by the time they reach Sixteen.


Happy Valentine’s Day … My Love
Your Twinsies and I Love you F-O-R-E-V-E-R and a day!

~ by iemommy on February 14, 2009.

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