Getting Untangled

I recently came across a blog that really touched my heart. It reminded me that their is a race to finish. It spoke to me so much that I had to share with  you.  We are to be like athletes, like runners…we need to train our minds, bodies and souls to be willing and able to do God’s work.

My friend, Bobbi, has a blog called N Her Shoes. When you read it, even if only one time, you will see all that she puts into becoming a marathon runner. She calculates her food, her energies…everything… right down to the correct shoes and proper clothing. I am amazed at her tenacity, in awe of her consistency and frankly tire out  just reading her blog, as wonderful as it is. Why? Because I am not an athlete. What will power!

Although I may get winded running to the corner mailbox…I can not afford to tire out in the race that Christ has set before me… I have a legacy to leave to my twins. A legacy of being a Godly wife, mother and woman. I can’t leave the legacy if I am to tired to first train for it. To first learn it or to first desire it with every ounce of breath in my body.

Please take a moment to read this blog by Heather Hendrick from Sit A Spell. She speaks so eloquently of how our race is before us and we must first get rid of what holds us back.

I am confident it will touch your heart as it did mine. Thanks Heather for allowing The IE Mommy to share your writing and most importantly for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through your words.   Enjoy, friends.

Getting Untangled


~ by iemommy on February 17, 2009.

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