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I decided to join some fun from 5 Minutes for Mom. They just debuted a fantastic “new” column..5 Minutes for Photography. Yeah!

 As you may or may not know “I love photography”. I have an incredible NikonD40 that I can not stop raving about. This camera makes all pictures look amazing because of the vibrancy of the pictures.

When I saw 5MFM was starting a photography carnival I had to join in….

Although I am in no way a professional…I love photos and well, that passion can be enough. So here are my tips for creating great photos.

  1. Don’t be afraid of unusual camera angles. Sometime the uniqueness of the photo angle is what makes it striking.
  2. Fill up  your photo. Don’t waste space by having too much sky or ground. Use your zoom lense to fill  your photo with your subject.

I’d love to hear what great tips you have? If you decide to join…leave me a comment so I can swing by and check out your photos too!





~ by iemommy on February 19, 2009.

10 Responses to “Creative Camera Angles”

  1. These are beautiful – my husband has a Nikon D40 that we both love, although the pictures I’ve been taking lately are with my new Canon Powershot – it’s smaller and always on hand for quick shots. 🙂

    • Thanks Jen!! 🙂 The Nikon was a dream present from my hubby. Something I desperately wanted and said I ‘needed” but didn’t really have the funds for, you know?
      Unfortunately, I may have to buy a smaller camera like the Powershot too because I have been turned away at a couple of events because of the “size” of my camera. Thanks for swing by my site, hope you’ll be back soon!

  2. I am LOVING #1….but all three are great!!! 🙂 Glad you joined in….thanks for stopping by my place!!

    • Thanks Kari! I so love taking pictures of my girls…I have to remember to take pictures of other things too! Love your blog, will be back and adding it to my blogroll. Swing by again soon!

  3. Love the first shot! Actually I like them all. Im the same way about my camera its big and bulky and I’d love the ease of a Powershot that I could slip in my purse and carry everywhere.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    • Jean, I totally agree. I think every mom needs one that can be slipped into their purses for those adorable spur of the moment pics that will never happen again. I just don’t know how to break it my hubby 🙂

  4. Great pics! I especially love the middle one, and secondly the sand playing equipment. 🙂

    • Thanks “Green Jello”… just some of my 1,000’s of favorites 🙂 I really love the sand one too. My hubby thought I was going a bit nuts by taking it but after all this time married, he really shouldn’t be surprised!

  5. These are great shots! I really really really want your camera! ok, one just like it! You are super talented!

    • Thanks Jeanette 🙂 This camera is just the greatest! It’s all the camera believe me! Thanks for swinging by the IE Mommy, hope you’ll be back often!

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