I Am Not Mom…I Am Wonder Woman

I do not have her figure or her piercing blue eyes…but my twins always say “There you are Mama” when they see images of Wonder Woman.

It is not a new comment. Since they were able to say “Mama” and just point; they relate Wonder Woman to me…I like it!

On a recent drive home the twins informed me that they had “superpowers”. This included “Star Vision”. Star vision is the ability to make car headlights look like “stars” by squinting your eyes.
They also have the ability to make ear-splitting high pitched squeals…which they graciously demonstrated. Ouch!

Then it was my turn…”What superpowers do you have?” asked the twins. Quickly I answered…”I have the ability to know everything you are doing!”

I was very proud of my superpower and thought they would be impressed. Instead I was asked “What else?” Hmmm…now I really had to think…
“I have the ability to see everything with the eyes in the back of my head” I replied.

“What else” (Man! This was a tough crowd.)

Now. I really had to think and then…I was on a roll…
“I have the ability to make any boo-boo go away with a kiss. I have the ability to protect you from anything in the middle of the night by wrapping my arms around you. I have the ability to hear your slightest cry from far away.
I have the “stare” to make you freeze in your tracks.
I have the strength to fight any human or animal to protect you. And…”

They had fallen asleep. I guess…our game was over. Were they impressed? Who knows…

It really doesn’t matter because it made me realize that I may never “look” like Wonder Women but I am more powerful then she will ever be …it is called being a Mom.


~ by iemommy on February 19, 2009.

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