It Took Hawaii to Potty Train My Girls

The twins are almost 6 and in Kindergarten so it has been a while since I have had to change a diaper (Thank God!) but when I saw this fun carnival at “Momfessions” I just had to join and tell you my horror  journey on potty training.

I can not speak for any other moms of twins out there but for me…well potty training was a pain in the butt (no pun intended…well, okay maybe just a little).

My husband loves to quote the fact that we I changed about 10, 000 diapers during those first couple of years!! When we had the twins I was determined to have them trained by the age of two. I didn’t want to be one of “those” moms who had grown children still wearing diapers!

But …..age two got her a lot faster then I had thought. Somewhere in the back of my mind allowing them to wear diapers at age three was equal to being a mass murderer.

I had a lot of well meaning advice. Everything from only let them eat and drink when you eat and drink so you’ll know their schedule…to let them run around naked in the backyard, they’ll figure it out….to treats for going….to cover the entire house in towels and sheets…to put them on a time schedule… wait till the rapture comes! 

You know what? I tried it all! I really did…I was desperate. I knew everyone would think I was the worse mother in the entire universe…no scratch that…the entire galaxy…or heck (whichever is bigger!) if I did not have it accomplished by age three!

The straw on the proverbial camel was when my brother in law asked my husband when I was going to “start” trying to potty train them! Are you kidding me? Training two little girls to go potty was a headache….just when you think one of them gets it … the other makes a mess. If one tinkles on the floor the other thinks it is hilarious and tinkles too.

I don’t know if I am expressing my frustration…..but here is a simple word to  help you understand…ARRRRGGGHHHH!

So after all this irritation for a year the simple and easy solution was….HAWAII!

Yes, you read it right…Maui, Hawaii to be exact. My dear husband decided that we should go to my favorite place in the world and take the twins. Now, there was no way in the heck that I was lugging around enough diapers for a week …nor was I going to purchase them when I got there!

I refused to spend my vacation changing diapers. I put a total of 8 diapers with me in my travel bag. Four for the plane trip there and four for the plane trip back. Do the math, that’s only two per kid for each plan trip.

When we got there I showed the twins that we had absolutely no diapers and they had to be big girls and no messes or accidents.

Ladies…that was it! BAMM! Not one mess, not one accident….not even while they were sleeping!

I don’t know if it was the excitement of their first trip to Hawaii. At the ocean and dolphins or if it was my hair literally standing on end!

But they were done! I ended up using only 4 diapers the entire trip. One for each kid per plane ride and even those stayed DRY!

So if you ever wonder why I love Maui so much ….well, the obsession goes way deeper then just the beauty of the ocean! I will be forever grateful to Maui….that island potty trained my twins!


**Swing on by Momfessions and share your diaper story!**

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12 Responses to “It Took Hawaii to Potty Train My Girls”

  1. ugh I hate potty training,I’ve got a two year old who I’m at that stage 🙂

    • Hi Fraggle, Teaching them to go potty and currently teaching them “phonics” have got to be two of the hardest things I have done! Hang in there! I’d offer you advice but well, you saw where that got me! Thanks for reading! HOpe you’ll come back soon!

  2. Great story!!!! I can’t imagine potty-training TWO! Wow…you have my respect.

    • well…thanks Glenna 🙂 I never dreamed of having to potty train two too! I think that’s where all the tips and tricks failed. I was outnumbered from the get go. Thanks for stopping by…hope you’ll swing by again soon!

  3. GENIUS! I wonder if my husband will buy it when I tell him we HAVE to go to Hawaii!!!

    Thanks for playing along! Good luck for the giveaways!

    • Hey Sheila, lol…let me know if it works. I wonder if my husband would fall for it helping with Phonics too? Thanks for the fun!

  4. Great story! My little one will be 2 in May, so I am going to “try” potty training this summer. I think I’ll opt for the let-em-run-naked routine!

    Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog today!

    • I’ll be praying for you this summer Heather! 😛 I think all the tips work better with just one kid, lol….man, I wonder how it will be when I teach them to drive???? Love your site…will be back visiting soon. Hope you’ll visit The IE Mommy again soon too!

  5. That is amazing! Kind of an expensive way to potty train, if you weren’t planning on going anyway, but whatever works! 🙂 (Much better than the “wait for the rapture” method – LOL!)

    • lol..oh,’re right! But, we were planning on going anyway…I just wasn’t about to take diapers with me. 🙂

  6. i will have to remember the hawaii trick for my next one : )!!! i went with the let him run naked deal and it worked for us but every kid is SO different.

    • Hi Talia, lol…I think when my husband decided to go to Hawaii on vacation he had no clue how desperate I was, lol 😉 You’re so right every kid is different… 🙂 Thanks for visiting…hope you’ll be back again soon 🙂

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