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I am sitting here “surfing the net” because, quite frankly, I am too lazy and tired to do much else today. I took the twins to a local amusement park yesterday and we had a great time but it really exhausted me. Plus in the middle of the night one of the twins decided she was going to have a temper tantrum because she didn’t get a good night cartoon! Oh, believe me…I’ll be blogging about that one and I am going to copy and put it in her scrapbook so one day when she has kids I can show it to her. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, but sometimes He allows moms to have such good ammunition…do you really think He blames us if we use it??

In my Internet surfing pursuit…I found some fun things that might interest you….so here I am multitasking yet once again! Enjoy!


  1. Want something to make you smile….these photos just had me laughing. Swing by Mommie’s Angels and your day brightened!
  2. Hungry? Not sure what to feed your family. Check out the Mini Meatloaf receipe from Make & Takes. Yummy!
  3. Something fun to do in the Los Angeles, California area is right around the corner. A Mom in Red High Heels gives us a sneak peak on the “Baby and Tween Celebration” coming to Los Angeles. Look like a great event…I’d love to attend!
  4. Giveaway – The Funky Monkey is sponsoring a mini-mosaic necklace giveaway. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry.
  5. Have a beautiful story to share about how YOU helped or influenced a child? Share it with 5 Minutes for Faith.

  6. Giveaway – Get your very own free Twitter button. Swing by Just Jenn and enter her giveaway…it’s ending soon!
  7. The IE Mommy Giveaway Winner of The More Than A Memory Keepsake Plate is Liliya!!!
  8. FREE Gift – join us as an email, RSS or reader subscriber and receive a Free Gift!
  9. I just had to share this photo with you. My twins are taking a horsemanship class and this is one of the beautiful horses. I artistically enhanced the photo and just love the way it came out. I had to share.


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  2. Gotta love those temper tantrums. I say that sounds like great ammunition one day! Thanks for all the recommendations. I am definitely giong to check out the Free giveaway for the Twitter button :o)

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