Spotlight on “Child’s Own Studio”

In 2007, stay-at-home mom, Wendy Tsao, took her 4 year old son`s drawing of a monkey and sewed together a plush toy based on his design.The end result was so cute that she tried out some other children’s drawings.And thus began Child`s Own Studio, a thriving on-line soft toy business that takes children’s drawings and custom makes unique plush toys.


To date, Child`s Own Studio has collaborated with over a hundred children, ranging from age 3 to 14 to create unique and wonderful plush toys, many of which can be seen at their website,

Starting with a child’s drawing, Wendy Tsao selects the fabrics for the soft toy and then makes the pattern from the drawing.Each toy is carefully handcrafted and stuffed with hypoallergenic fiberfill to transform the child’s drawing into a 3D soft toy to be cuddled.


Wendy, your business started in 2007. Tell us the story behind the inspiration?

When my son was almost 5 years old, and had just started kindergarten. He needed a comfort toy for the emergency preparedness program at his school, and he didn’t have one, so I decided to try making one. I took one of his signature drawings – a stick man – and made it into a soft toy. It had such great appeal, that I took another one of drawings – this time of a monkey, and when I saw the look on his face, I knew I had a great business idea. Also, I loved drawing when I was a child, and have always been into art and craft-making. I have a genuine appreciation for children’s art and I love showing people how children’s art can be great inspirations for soft toys. Showing this appreciation by making soft toys from children’s art also builds a child’s self-esteem. I am married, and my husband is very supportive, and helps a little, like tying his fly-fishing knots for me, when needed. My son, Luca, sometimes does the final check of the toys. When he hugs it, I know the child/customer will be pleased with the creation.

What is your favorite thing(s) about your business?

I love getting the drawings, and making the soft toys, and watching the softies take shape. But, Best of all, I love getting the positive and feedback from grateful customers.



Simplicity is the key to a Child’s Own Studio. It is very consumer and user friendly. I loved spending a few moment viewing the gallery. The order form is easy to use and has the capacity to order more then one creation at a time. The testimonial and FAQ pages are a very personal touch to the site which I considered a bonus as a consumer.


Wendy from a Child’s Own Studio is offering ONE Lucky reader the chance to have their child’s creation “come to life” through her wonderful talents! I only wish this wasn’t my site so I could enter! Imagine your little one’s face when their favorite creation is a real, touchable, lovable toy! How much more cool could that be? Check out how you can get multiple entries.



ONE Lucky reader will receive a beautiful toy created for them by Wendy and a Child’s Own Studio. Each creation is handcrafted with expertise and love! ($49.00 value)

Winner will be randomly chosen on March 15th and announced on March 16th. Entries will be accepted until Midnight March 15th (PST). Winner will be notified via e-mail and will have 10 days to claim prize or prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen.

How to Get Entries?

Entry #1 – Receive one entry by going to a Child’s Own Studio and coming back her to comment on your favorite creation from the galleries at the site.

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19 Responses to “Spotlight on “Child’s Own Studio””

  1. I love the cat stuffie it looks as if it has great drag ability!!!your idea really rocks and the end results of your creations always looks like the photos what an origanl idea..i cant wait to order some were just trying to decide what pic to send in the possibilites are endless….

  2. It’s hard to pick one as they are all one of a kind. One that I particularly like is the coulourful catepillar. Wendy has amazing talent. I showed my son your website and he can’t wait to draw a picture.

    Ps. I have also subscribed to your link The ie mommy

  3. Here is the link for my favourite I think it is a catepillar. gallery-4.html#images/home-slide/home-slides-94.jpg

    I think this is one of the first ones created. I have followed this site for sometime and look forward to being able to send in pictures this year for creation. My boys can now draw something that can be reproduced and will be very excited to see their drawings made into characters. 🙂 This will be one of the best birthday gifts ever!!

  4. What a great idea! I love the many-eyed monster from Gallery 2.

  5. I think this is a ingenius idea! What a special way to capture your child’s art in a way they can love and you can preserve for them as they grow older! I really enjoyed looking through the galleries. She does fantastic job of recreating the art work I loved the snowman with the crazy eyes and the monster with a bunch of eyes
    Thanks for the entry
    Tonyamcrain [at]

  6. I really like the butterfly (yellow body and blue on white polka dots) in the 3rd gallery

  7. My son really likes Greenie the frog!

    Awesome, awesome site and idea!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. The SNAIL!

  9. I love mermaids.

  10. What a unique and original idea! My favorite on gallery page 4 of the boy with many stripes and spiked hair. As a guitar instructor, I encouraged children to draw “guitar art” with the idea of putting the art on t-shirts Would love to see one made as a doll!

  11. I love the cat my daughter would be over the moon to win this!!



    I love the cute snail.

  14. I like the butterfly! Love butterflies! This is a nice giveaway!

  15. What an amazing idea! My favorite is the black and white cat.

  16. Oh, what a great idea! I think the little bunny looking creation is cute.

  17. My top fave is the blue octopus, followed by the white and black puppy.

  18. the mermaid doll is too precious! the girls love to draw and would be thrilled to have their own creation!

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