A Temper Tantrum!



Have you ever stared at your child certain that an alien from another planet dropped her off? Lately, Skylar has been obsessed with cartoons…especially a cartoon before bedtime. Generally, I don’t mind letting them see a cartoon after prayers and brushing their teeth.

I remember “loving” to fall asleep with the television on when I was little…of course, back then…your choices were the news or something b-o-r-i-n-g like a talk show. Never the less, it was comforting to hear the sound of the television as I fell asleep.


The day started out innocent enough. In celebration of their success at learning how to sound out words the twins and I went to Disneyland. We packed our lunches, sweaters (and new glasses) and off we went to spend a day at the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Since we received annual passes as a Christmas gift…it pretty much cost us zero. I am trying  real hard to get the full advantage from our passes.

It was a lot more crowded then it was when we went in January but we still had a great time. It was a little difficult (for me) not to want to splurge…after all, we’re at Disneyland!!!  But, I was a good mom…our only splurge was Churros and a Coke. We stayed until the park closed and we couldn’t walk another step…we were exhausted!

The girls were fast asleep by the time we got home so my husband and I carried them to their beds. The moment she hit the bed Skylar’s eyes popped open and she asked for a cartoon.


Seeing how tired she was I thought I would outsmart her and told her “As soon as I get into my jammies and brush my teeth, I’ll put a cartoon on for you”.

Of course, you know she was sound asleep by the time I got ready for bed and I truly thought I was home free. I cuddled down into my warm blanket and fell into a deep, exhausted sleep.

Now I want you to envision the sound from the Jaws as you read the following…you know da, um, da, um, da, um, duh…..


At one  o’clock in the morning I woke to find a child that looked a little like something from a horror flick! Hair completely a mess, street clothes from the day still on, totally disheveled and her little hands in tight fists.

At first, I thought she couldn’t sleep so I pulled back the cover so she could climb into my bed when I heard….in between clenched teeth…a faint whisper….”You promised me a cartoon!!!”.

“Skylar, you were asleep” I replied half awake
“NO, I was not! I was wide awake!” She whispered…still with teeth clenched but now getting louder. 

“No, Skylar your eyes were closed. I think  you were dreaming. It’s one o’clock. No cartoon right now, go back to sleep”

“I want a cartoon!!!”

Let’s just say the next hour was NOT pretty. You see she didn’t just want a cartoon. She was convinced that she had been awake all this time AND she wanted me to watch the cartoon with her!!

She ended up sitting by my bed for an hour!!! Pouting!! Every few minutes…just as I was dozing back to sleep…she’d whisper through clenched teeth “I was not asleep, you promised me a cartoon!” It didn’t help the situation when my husband (who was faking sleep) commented that she caught me trying to outsmart her!

At one point she asked if I would sing her to sleep. She cuddled with me as I hummed a song….the next thing I know she is up and mad, again! What’s wrong this time? It appears I fell asleep while singing! Was there no winning with this child?



At this point I don’t know if I should start laughing, begin to yell, give in, give her the look or just start crying from being so tired. I said the only thing I could rationally think of…I told her she needed to talk to God because she was being very ugly inside and I rolled over and tried to fall asleep!! (Yeah, right…you know THAT didn’t happen).

I heard her little voice talking to God and He must have talked back because she crawled in between daddy and I and went fast asleep. Not another peep…as if it hadn’t happened at all.

At this point it was after 2 a.m. but by now I was so wound up….I turned on the news!

Aww, good times, good times!

This was a nice look compared to that night!

 P.S. “This” look in the picture is NOTHING compared to her face that night!!!



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  1. How lucky that you have those passes! Here in KANSAS we won’t be seeing Disneyland anytime soon! LOL

    I can just hear that conversation in the middle of the night…I’ve spent a couple like that with my 3yo standing next to me “mooooom. You ‘wake?” And us both being so tired we couldn’t figure out what was going on!

  2. Oh man. I believe our little ones may be around the same age and going through a similar stage. My daughter’s like an elephant…She never forgets!

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