More Then Giddy-Up

When I was a little girl I totally adored horses. I remember having to ride every carousel or live pony that I came across. If it was a fair or an amusement park that is where I wanted to go and wanted to stay.


A long time ago back in the cave man days when I was a little girl there was a man (never knew his name) that would bring his pony around the neighborhood and offer kids a ride and a picture for $5.00! Sounds cheap now, but back then it was a lot of money. I would cry and beg my daddy to let me ride the pony.

I have always dreamed of owning my very own horse. Mind you…I didn’t dream of the upkeep and care…just the owning and riding part!


The twins have the same love of horses that I do. Every carousel and pony ride has to be enjoyed. They jumped at the chance to take a horsemanship class, even forgoing their gymnastics class for this opportunity. They will learn how to ride, to care for and to maintain a healthy horse. The ranch has two beautiful horses and one pony named, Hershey. He is the girl’s favorite. He is only 42 inches tall (10 1/2 hands to be exact)! The 2nd of these two photos is of Starlight, isn’t she beautiful? This is quickly becoming one of my favorite photos.



It has been a wonderful adventure. The horses are beautiful, the teacher is exceptional and has two of the sweetest daughters helping her teach the class. The teacher, Laura, use to home school her daughters so there is a lot of instruction and teaching both hands on with the horses and in her classroom.

The twins were ready to go since day one…but there was one itty bitty problem…you see the one thing that every cowgirl needs is a great pair of boots. The twins had outgrown theirs from last fall. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find boots when every store is gearing up for Spring? We found flip-flops and sandals in every color imaginable but boots? Uh huh, no way, no how!

We spent an entire afternoon searching stores like Target, Kohls, Payless and Kmart trying to find cowboy boots. Finally, out of desperation, I gave up and went to Boot Barn. Yikes! Great selection but waaaay more then I was hoping to pay. You know my girls didn’t go for the regular plain ol’ brown boots. Of course not! But every cowgirl is not complete unless she has some rocking cowboy boots so I bit the bullet and forked up the cash. It takes a pretty penny to have a fashionable cowgirl, nope scratch that, TWO fashionable cowgirls.



I am so excited for the twins…yes, it was always my dream to go to horse class but you can clearly see that it is their dream now. School work gets done faster on the days we have horse class. Their faces are radiant and they are so excited about going. They can’t stop talking about all the facts they are learning in class. Every type of play is centered around having a horse, being a horse or buying a horse. It’s amazing to see their smiles and hear their questions as they learn.

I know they will not live out everyone of my dreams…they are not meant to. They will have many of their own. It is my job to help encourage and fulfill those dreams. But, for this season and for this opportunity to share this dreams with my daughters I am forever thankful.

By the way…yes, they are already asking for a horse. Can you imagine? They don’t clean the doggies’ poop….never mind a horse! Oh gracious!



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