What Do You Want to Conceal? (TotalBeauty.com)

When it comes to life…I never ever want to conceal my love and faith for the Lord, Jesus. I never want to conceal the love and passion for my husband and I never want to conceal my pride and joy in my daughters.


When it comes to concealing my pimples, lines and wrinkles…I am all on board! This article from Total Beauty helped me to make an educated decision and not waste my money trying one concealer after another.

I may not use a concealer on an everyday basis…I mean do I really need to use it if I am going to be home ALL day! The answer is “no”. When I want to look my best and put my best foot forward it is great to know that I picked the right concealer. Read the article…

Worst Concealers Ever

These proclaimed dark circle and spot camouflagers left TotalBeauty.com readers utterly exposed

Concealer has the most important job of all the makeup products we put on our faces — to hide the imperfections we’d rather not show (agreed?). So when our readers told us about the second-rate concealers they tried, we had to share — immediately!

See concealers


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