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When I have a chance (about once every 6 months) for some mommy time. I love to go to a spa and get a little pampering. My three favorite scents are Vanilla, Lavendar and Eucalyptus. Of course, all for different reasons.

Vanilla is just plain yummy. Lavendar is so soothing and Eucalyptus always makes me think that somehow I am healing my ailments while breathing that wondeful scent.

Read on to learn about wonderful benefits and uses of Eucalyptus.


4 Amazing Things You Can Do with Eucalyptus


Natural homemade remedies for fighting flu, lethargy and more
4 Amazing Things You Can Do with Eucalyptus

Who knew you could do so much with one little plant? We didn’t until we heard all these amazing tricks. Check them out – and soon you’ll be stocking up on Eucalyptus too.

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