Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow…

I do not normally get a chance to listen to music. Quiet frankly, I just do not have the time and when we are in the car we are listening to children’s music or stories.

Every now and then I can sneak in a song or two or listen to talk radio but alas I must admit that the twins already own the radio. I did not think it would happen until they were at least “tweens”.

As some of you know American Idol has started their new season and yes, I must admit this too, I watch. There is something about giving the underdog a chance at Super Stardom that I enjoy watching. Is it rigged? Is it all gimmicks? Maybe? But for an hour or so it is a guilty little pleasure that I enjoy.

Paula Abdul released a new song last year. It was her first new release in over a decade! On a personal level I am not a big fan of Paula Abdul but as far as music goes…it takes me back. She was the “it” girl of the 80’s and each of her songs has some memory of high school, of dating my husband and of being a teenager and young adult.

I listened to her new song, “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” and must admit that I really like it. It is a catchy little tune and the music is danceable but I must say that it does (in my opinion) still sound very 80’s which is probably why I liked it in the first place.

I was getting ready to write a blog about something else and then came across this video, again. I have listened to it about five times now and it grows on me more and more. You know just because we become Moms doesn’t mean we have to lose the spark and joy we had when we were younger…we just get better and God willing wiser.

But the weird thing…now that I have heard the song over and over…I have the strongest urge to wear blue eyeliner, use Aqua Net and get some gloves with the fingers cut off.

You Know….maybe I’d better stick to listening to “talk” radio.


~ by iemommy on March 12, 2009.

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