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When I have a special function or event. I want to look my very best….especially if it I am going somewhere with my husband. Nothing makes you feel more special then the little sparkle that gets in your hubby’s eye…when he thinks  you look great.

Sometimes I hit my outfit and look, right on the head on the first try. Everything works out like I envisioned when I put it together and I feel great. Other times, well….I only wish I had an expert to help me out. 

 Now, we do! Check out the great tips from the “Experts”


Top 15 Expert Beauty Tips Revealed

The best hairstyle and makeup tricks we picked up from the pros during New York Fashion Week

Top 15 Expert Beauty Tips Revealed

Though most people obsess over the clothes they see on the runway at fashion week, at TotalBeauty.com we care more about what happens backstage. Hair and makeup geniuses transform each and every model into gorgeous glamazons. We were lucky enough to learn some of their tricks of the trade so you can try them in your bathroom (the real woman’s backstage).

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