Hey, Mom Look At Me

Those words can either strike fear or bring joy to a mother’s heart! I hear them daily. My twins turned four recently and with that came the ability to do more death defying feats then I care to witness.

Since they were 18 months old they have participated in a local tumbling class. They love going to gymnastics and learning how to walk the balance beam and what ‘pike’ and handstands are all about.

To them it’s a moment of independence and freedom. For me, it’s one hour of getting to have “girl talk” with a group of wonderful ladies. We laugh and clap at our daughters’ accomplishments together as we
talk about the local sales at Target, plan lunches and play dates. We sit, we watch and we hold our breath as our daughters grow from Babies to Preschoolers.

I remember clapping when they first started walking and beaming like a fool when they first were able to jump on one leg and NOW….handstands over the couch, wheelbarrow down the hallway and
yes, trying to jump wheelies on their bikes!

Each day I wake I am sure that this is the day that we will have our first visit to the hospital, first broken bone or at the very least a bloody nose!

I want to pad the world, to keep them little forever. I wish I could say I wasn’t that type of mom. But I am. I don’t want their bones to break, their noses to bleed, heck I don’t even want them to get a
hang nail.

But how can you stop them? They need to grow, to explore to test the world and know all along that Mom will be looking and clapping when they yell, “Hey Mom, Look at Me!”

~ by iemommy on March 15, 2009.

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  1. And ready to cuddle, kiss the boo-boo, and offer ice/band aid when they fall 🙂

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