Reduce Stress with Natural Beauty Recipes (

Stress? What stress? I am a home schooling, stay at home mom, raising identical twin mischief makers, um I mean daughters…actively involved in church ministries, school field trip coordinator and blogging……who has stress??? Oh dang it…my eye is twitching again…but really no stress…no stress at all…..
Reduce Stress with Natural Homemade Beauty Recipes
Work, home, the economy — it’s all too much! Get stress relief with these soothing treatments
Reduce Stress with Natural Homemade Beauty Recipes

Let’s face it: these are pretty stressful times. And since most of us don’t have the budget for a spa massage or facial, we need to make do with home remedies. All of these are quick, easy and you can make them with stuff that’s already in your kitchen (so they’re cheap too!). Take a moment to indulge, you deserve it!

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