Giggles from Kids

Children do the funniest things. They way their little minds think. Never ceases to amaze me. Recently I experienced this bit of comedy with Rylan:

 This morning when Rylan woke up she threw a beanie baby bear down the stairs.
I was sitting on the couch as I watched this bear fly down the stairs.

When she got to the bottom I asked her why she threw the bear and she said

” Because he wanted to fly”.…after a few seconds she added…

and everyone knows that bears don’t fly… so I helped him!”


I want to hear the “Great” things your kids have said or done. Bring on the stories!



~ by iemommy on March 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Giggles from Kids”

  1. That is so cute! 🙂
    I love it when they come up with “grown up” explanations for silly things they do.

  2. The last time it snowed here my son looked out the window and ran to get me, “Uh oh Mommy – mess [out]side!”

  3. So adorable…I love the innocence and playful of kids. Thanks for sharing.


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