Tortillas & Cotton Candy

“Try it, mama” was their encouragement as they stuffed sweet, sticky cotton candy inside a  warm, fresh corn tortilla.  My only thought as I looked at their creation was “yuck” and “oh, take a picture”
When  you visit California Adventure in Anaheim, California there is a Mission Tortilla building where you can take a very short tour on how tortillas are made and where the grain and maize came from. They give you a nice, fresh tortilla at the end of the tour.

Of course, to the taste of my discriminating twins. Rylan’s 1st remark was “Where’s the butter?”. I had to agree. Yep, a  dry tortilla it was.

Skylar came up with the idea to create something unique and spectacular (her words). She decided t hat she would combine her cotton candy and the tortilla to make a CC Taco.
My first reaction was to stop them because as any adult would know “this” is going to be gross!
But for once I had the bearing to let them give it a try and figure out on their own that it would be N-A-S-T-Y.

Skylar was the brains behind the entire operation. She “made” the little concoction…choosing just the right piece of cotton candy and placing it just so. She also decided that Rylan would be be the daring taster tester.

At one point I began to wonder.. maybe, just maybe, it might be tasty. I mean, hey, there are worse things that people put together and we eat, right? Oysters, chocolate covered ants? Escargot?

Poor Rylan. She stepped up to the plate as the chosen guinea pig. Now, Rylan will do almost any trick you ask her to do. She is very daring and her imagination goes faster then any other human I know but as far as eating goes…well, she is picky…sure enough the outcome was not favorable.

She couldn’t wait to spit it out! She was literally pulling pieces of cotton candy from her tongue and then demanded a napkin to “wipe” it off! :P. Skylar never touched it after that. Sounds like the makings of an entrepreneur to me!
It was a fun moment! We laughed and they learned a lesson with out me nagging, correcting and scolding.

It made me realize…that is how I should act with them more often. Let them take a few chances and learn a few lessons. Let them be children….
Beside…it gives me great photo ops, don’t you think?

~ by iemommy on March 21, 2009.

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  1. Too funny! I love cotton candy, and I love tortillas, but I don’t think I’d like to try them together.

  2. Very cute! I love the crazy concoctions kids come up with. I think it is great that she made it but then had her sis do the taste testing. My son once got the idea to make soggy bread. He was so excited about it, talked about it all day. That night I gave him a bowl of water and bread. He proceeded to make his creation, and then to eat it. He then told us, he does not like soggy bread. 🙂

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