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There are 100’s of toys that have come through my doors since being a mom. Some last until they are broken and others last for years. Every child has a toy that is special to them…that is the love of their lives. My twins are no exception. It truly breaks my heart when a toy doesn’t last. When it breaks too soon or they grow out of it too fast.

Many birthdays and Christmases have I spent searching for the perfect toy. Something that will stimulate their mind, initiate play and be affordable. As much as I love Barbie it’s frustrating to go to that toy aisle every time.

May I introduce a wonderful company created by two moms whose goal was to create toys for their children that were fun, good quality, locally made, and a value for your pocket book. Nico & Zoe

With backgrounds in Interactive Design/Graphic, Education and Retail…Stacy and Pamela…were set to burst forth on the Artisan made toy industry. With their children as inspiration these two ladies were ready to make their mark.



  • When did you start your business?
    We started our business in October of 2006

  • What was the inspiration behind starting your business?
    I was having a hard time finding quality wood and natural toys on the Internet that weren’t over priced (because they were from Europe). I also had a hard time finding sites that showed where there products were manufactured. We are concerned about safety and buying locally when we can. We wanted to have a website where people would know where their products where made, who is behind the product and if it is safe. I also started making dolls and thought it would be nice to sell those as well. I continue to make Grabby Taggy Pillows for babies, felt play food and other play things inspired by my daughter.

  • Are you married, single, with kids, etc?
    I have been married for 15 years and have 1 daughter (Zoe, 6). My business partner, Stacy, is married and has one son (Nico, 4) and a new baby girl.

  • What is your favorite thing(s) about your business?
    Shopping for the toys. Researching about the toys, where they are from, who makes them, are they safe? Finding good quality at a good price. And, hearing what people  have to say about our site and why they bought from  us. It reminds us that we are a big, small world. We get orders from Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada and the U.S. We love that so many people from all over appreciate the word we do and the products we carry.

  • I hear you have a fun promotion for The IE Mommy readers, can you tell us about it?
    Yes, The IE Mommy readers can receive 10% off all orders over $25.00. Use code: iemommy09



Nico & Zoe have an amazing amount of items to choose from. Easy and clear navigational tabs help get you to where you need to go.  They have a lot of little hidden extras for the consumer and that always makes for a wonderful shopping experience.

The have a links page that has numerous resources on clothing, motherhood, mothering tips even baby names. Nico & Zoe are a one-stop venue of family resources. I really enjoyed this added convenience.

Their site has something very important…a very clear and concise policy page. You’ll find information on shipping, products, returns and artisan submission. The IE Mommy appreciates all the work that goes into creating a  page such as this. An extra step for Nico & Zoe but an extra bonus for the consumer.

One of the pages that was the most fun for The IE Mommy was the print-ables and a links page. There I found information on the latest and newest items. Information on events that Nico & Zoe would participate in and printable coloring and learning pages for my children. This type of page excites me…it makes me see that they are a real company with real families. It shows me, as a consumer, that you are interested in being interactive with your site.

Overall Site Grade: A



It has been a long time since I have fought over a toy. Well, that is until this little guy showed up at our doorstep. We received a mini version of the Rubbabu Fuzzy Police car and everyone in the family could NOT get enough of this toy. I am not joking or exaggerating when I say that all four of use wanted to play with this toy.

Here is a description of the toy straight from Nico & Zoe:

  • The Rubbabu Fuzzy Police car is extremely soft, fuzzy and loved by children of all ages. This is one of the coolest new toys available. The Rubbabu Fuzzy police car is a colorful toy and made entirely of 100% biodegradable, all-natural rubber. They are soft and squishy to the touch, yet sturdy enough to handle years of abuse. Most of the toy is covered in safe and non-toxic flocking that makes the toy feel silky smooth to the touch. The large body and soft wheels are easy for small hands to grasp, guaranteeing hours of tactile amusement. Kids of all ages will love to roll these cars all over!

20081106010151-129174 So what made this product so fun for us. Let me break it down to you:

For Daddy – This car is super fast! He had a blast playing with the twins and making ramps and roads for the car. It goes in an incredibly straight line so it was a lot of fun to race against their other cars.

For Mommy – I love this little care the moment we opened the package. I almost hid it because I wanted to keep it for myself. It is beyond cool looking and the flocking makes it so soft. There is a little groove where the windows are and I kept rubbing my thumb there…so for me it was also a stress reliever too! lol 🙂 I had it on top of my computer and it seemed to always find another set of hands to take it away from it’s post.

For the Twins – This car bounces and can travel faster then our dog! Do I need to say a lot more then that? I sat and watched them as their imagination played for hours with this simple toy. The first picture listed is when Rylan was able to play with by herself for a while. The second is when I told her Skylar had to play too!



I enjoy toys that need batteries but there is something very unique and special when a toy is powered by imagination. Then there really isn’t a limit to the fun you can have.
Overall Product Grade: A++


Looking for toys that are affordable, can fuel your child’s imagination and will last? Nico & Zoe are your answer! I will definitely be purchasing toys from them in the future. Check out some of the other goodies I found while at their site. The IE Mommy thinks this site rocks and  is so jazzed and excited that Stacy and Pamela didn’t settle for less and now we don’t have to either!

Adventure Log Set

Adventure Log Set

Art Cards - Jungle Collection

Art Cards - Jungle Collection

Activity School Bus Play Set

Activity School Bus Play Set

P.S. The IE Mommy is always looking for products, companies and sites to review. If you have or know of a company, product or site that could use an IE Mommy review. Email me at theiemommy (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  3. I remember to how my kids loved certain toys and before you know it they out grew them. Thanks for sharing

  4. hey Guys, Love your site and love your toys their great. You can tell you put a lot of thought into things and it shows. So congratulations. stop my my blog if you wish, would love to get some feedback. keep up the wonderful work!!!!

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