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There appears to be a “craze” in Hollywood right now. It is…


Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Rebecca Romjin and Angelina Jolie are just a few celebrities that have twins. The latest is that Nicole Richie “may” be expecting twins.

On every outing with the twins we seem to encounter people that want to know which twin is the “Evil One” and which is the “Good One”. Strangers love to proclaim that this or that child must be the “Quiet” one or the “Outspoken” one.

Having twins has taught me how to be much more open and sociable. Since they were infants we have had people approach us. They want to touch the girls, ask questions…(sometimes very personal ones) and even take pictures with them!

It is all a bit alarming at first but after a while it becomes easier to understand and handle. I can see that the twins have become rather non-pulsed by it as well. They smile sweetly and then give me the look that inquires “Can we go now?”

It is all a bit of a juggling act. We want our daughters to grow up realizing how incredibly special and rare it is to be an identical twin but yet we want to encourage their individuality. Just like any set of sisters their likes and dislikes are different and similar all at the same time. They take turns running the show and know they are both beautiful inside and out!

Sometimes we do have a mean twin and a sweet twin. But that is just being a girl and being human….we have moods! Heck, sometimes I am the “Evil Twin” and I do not even have a twin!

Knowing all the attention my two children receive I can only imagine how the lives of twins with celebrity parents will be challenged. Since being or having a twin is the “in” thing right now I thought I would give you some fact on twins. It is great to be in the “know” especially if you run into Julia or Jennifer!

  1. Fact:  Identical twins are created when one fertilized egg splits equally into two embryos. Fraternal twins are two separate eggs fertilize by two separate sperms.
  2. Fact: Identical twins will have the exact same DNA.
  3. Fact: Identical twins will have different earlobes and fingerprints and may have different birth marks.
  4. Fact: One in every 250 births will be identical twins.
  5. Fact: The possibility of having twins rises after the age of 35 and/or having a set of multiples
  6. Fact: 18-22% of twins are left-handed for non-twins the rate is 10%


  1. Myth: One is good and one is evil
  2. Myth: They are the same person.
  3. Myth: The older multiple is always the leader, the younger is always the follower.
  4. Myth: Even their parents can not tell them apart
  5. Myth: They always have their own language or ESP
  6. Myth: They have the exact same likes and dislikes

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