What’s On Your Nightstand? – The Last Sin Eater


The Last Sin Eater

I have just finished it! So, technically it is still on my nightstand. You have to read this book by Francine Rivers. The characters within this book are so deep and passionate. Every book that I have read by Francine Rivers has totally opened my eyes to the wonderful character of God and His loving forgiveness.

My first Francine Rivers books was Redeeming Love and I just started the Mark of the Lion series with A Voice in The Wind but The Last Sin Eater is definitely a page turner and a book you want to pass on.

It has been made into a movie but although I haven’t seen the movie…I have heard that the book is much better, but then isn’t that always the case?

Here is a little excerpt about the book:

Set in Appalachia in the 1850s, The Last Sin Eater is the story of a community committed to its myth of a human “sin eater,” who absolves the dead of their sins, and the ten-year-old child who shows them the truth of Jesus. A must-have for all Francine Rivers fans from an author who continues to remind us that the human condition is beyond human remedy-only Christ provides for the absolution of sin.


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  1. I’m reading Heaven, by Randy Alcorn and Here’s the Story about the actress who played Marsha Brady. I do love a good book. The Sin Eater looks good. My favorite author is Frank Peretti, can’t wait to get a copy of the House!

    • Hey Jess 🙂 Welcome. Heaven and Here’s the story are two books that I have wanted to read. The House was a pretty good read. But, in my opinion not his best. I think I have it somewhere still if you want to borrow it, let me know 🙂

  2. Very interesting! I’m going to investigate this book further. I’ve never read anything by Francine Rivers.

  3. I loved this book too, well any book by Francine is great! I have not seen the movie. The Mark of the Lion series is excellent! I sped right through it.

  4. I’ve read this and seen the movie, and I loved them both. Francine Rivers is great, isn’t she?

  5. I read (and watched the movie!) this book. I have Redeeming Love sitting on my shelf, unread. And I’ve been more intrigued by the Mark of the Lion series. You are remotivating me to get to more F. Rivers books!

    Great post! Thanks for participating.

  6. Isn’t it just fantastic when you connect with a book so much?? Glad you enjoyed this one!

  7. I read this book just recently. I really enjoyed the read. It was very moving.

  8. Oh, I love Francine Rivers. Her books are so deep, and I always find myself completely drawn into them. I didn’t know there was a movie version of this one.

    I’m just now catching up with the WOYN posts and am actually doing a giveaway as part of mine!

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