I am not a lunch making mom


In the words of the Rolling stones
“Yes, I try, and I try and I try….I can’t get no ….satisfaction….”

I am  NOT a lunch making mom! When my girls were toddlers I learned to always carry something in my purse or bag for them to snack on. I had an emergency bag in my trunk that had an extra pair of clothes, water, juices and snacks. Now that they are older I don’t usually carry something in my purse other than a bottle of water.

As you know we have Disneyland passes and we are having a blast going. But,  it doesn’t make sense to have parking and tickets paid for yet spend $60 on food.  Do the math….If we went once a month that would $720 in one year!

If I am going to spend $720 in one year by going to Disneyland what is the point of getting passes? Because without the passes we just wouldn’t go, right? Right! Passes are supposed to make the trips more simple and less expensive not the other way around.

The last time we went I vowed that I would pack us a lunch. The three of us were going to be good “girls” . We were going to eat our sandwiches and chips. Drink our juice and water and be happy! Dang nab it!!!!


We did it! I kept our vow and I was so miserable! The twins didn’t seem to care one way or another…but I wanted a cheese burger, I wanted a bread bowl full of clam chowder and I wanted a big hugs refillable cup of soda from Planet Pizza!!! I have never ever liked cold sandwiches. If I have to eat it I want a very cold soda to go with it not water. Cold bread and warm water…I felt like I was prisoner 😦

I know you are hearing…”wah, wah, wah”….because so am I as I type this.

I envy those moms that pull out these rolling lunch boxes and proceed to take out every yummy imaginable goodies you could think of….and they are all made from scratch! They remember napkins, forks, and condiments!  These are the moms that always have something to eat in their purse even if their children are 18! They don’t just have a snack in their purses, they have an entire convenience store!

If you are one of those moms….may I congratulate you and smack you upside the head all in one motion.

I have decided to compromise…maybe a little soda and a little snack won’t break the budget, right? I mean if I spend $20 instead of $60 that’s not too bad? I could get a twenty from the grocery money or from my hubby’s wallet, um I mean … oh heck, yes I mean from my hubby’s wallet!

But it’s only a twenty! That would be okay! Right?

I really am trying to be a good mom. I am trying to be responsible and keep a budget. Heck, I even went to Costco and bought this really super cool “HUGE” rolling insulated lunch tote thingy. If that doesn’t get me on the road to be a lunch making mama, then what will?

The rolling tote was only $40 and we can use it over and over again. We can use for Disneyland, field trips, car trips…

I want to be a lunch making mom. I want to know I can do this! I want to fall in love with cold sandwiches and justify our season passes!

Oh heck! Who am I fooling? I also want to be 5’6″ and 115lbs!

You know…I will make our lunches, use our new tote and will put on a sweet smile for my twins. But in my heart…I will despise my cold sandwich…. I am just NOT a lunch making mom!


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  1. OH MY GOSH!! I could have written this exact same blog. I go through lunch at Disneyland the exact same way! Sandwiches are just depressing there for some reason and no I have never been much of a sandwich eater. I have found that if we take snacks we will eat the snacks (crackers, carrots, chips, cookies) I have also tried to time our visits such that we don’t need to eat a meal in the park at all. We rarely are there for a whole day so fast-food on the way there or the way back is much cheaper than eating in the park and still somewhat satisfying. Gotta love those bread bowls with the clam chowder!

  2. Here are some of my standbys for picnic lunches/dinners. Thought they might help you 🙂
    http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/Picnic-Chicken-2 (dinner one night and picnic lunch the next!)
    potato salad is awesome packed in a tupperware with a plastic fork
    regular salad is perfect too – just pack the salad and dressing separately
    the BEST picnic lunch ever? Wraps! Less messy and so much more sophisticated 🙂 http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/Chicken-Wraps
    My boys love peanut butter wraps with jelly dip 🙂
    Add some carrots and chips and you’ve got a fabulous picnic lunch.
    Oh, and we either pack crystal light in with our water or make iced tea – it tastes better when it’s not cold than water does.

    • Hey Courtney,
      Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to check out the sites. My imagination on lunches is very limited, lol….what can I say, not my gift.

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