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I believe every little girl dreams of being a beautiful princess or ballerina.  Little girls love to swirl and twirl in big beautiful dresses, petticoats and tutus.  With a fairy wand in one hand and a crown on the other my twins can magically turn into beautiful twin princesses.

Companies like, Tutu Girl, help our little ones explore, dream and believe that they really are Fairy Princesses…



  • When did you start your business?

    Tutu Girl started in 2006. A lot of the tutus we found on the Internet and in brick and mortar shops were scratchy and poorly designed, so we decided to start our own line of upscale tutus that were both comfortable, well-designed and highly stylish.

  • What was the inspiration behind starting your business?

    It all started with our sister company, which originated back in 2004. We already provided a great niche with our large line of girls hair bows and wanted to have an entire ensemble available to our special customers – something little girls can wear for birthdays, portraits, dress up and for costumes.

  • Are you married, single, with kids, etc?

    Angela, the creator of Tutu Girl, is married with children.

  • What is your favorite thing(s) about your business?

    The favorite part about Tutu Girl is knowing our tutus will make a girl very happy when she spins around the room pretending she’s a princess. We like knowing we helped make her special birthday, recital, party, etc. Fun and special.

  • I hear you have a fun promotion for The IE Mommy readers, can you tell us about it? Yes, Spend $50 at our on line shop and receive 10% off all orders. Use coupon code: iemommy at checkout. Offer ends 04/30/09.



What is not to love about a site dedicated to make little girls feel like princesses? Tutu Girl has many visual aides to help you find the perfect dress for your little angel.  With a very clear directory of items available and top page tabs I found it very easy to locate the items I was interested in ordering. Attention to detail was what I found appealing at Tutu Girl…they realized that the customer is looking for a one-of-a-kind experience for their princess.  The FAQ page, the On-Line Help button and the Color Chart allows the consumer to find the tutu of their dreams. Overall Site Grade: A



We received a beautiful red, white and blue patriotic TuTank Twirl top to review.  Let me tell you this is just the cutest little top that you could ever wish to put on your little princess.  Perfect for the summer time and full of the girlie fun that any little fairy would crave.

The TuTank Twirl top that The IE Mommy reviewed was  similar to the one listed below but with a blue tulle and a red trim.  The tutu was the perfect size…not too big to where it was uncomfortable to move in but perfect enough to make a statement.

Here is a description of the top straight from Tutu Girl:

  • The TuTank Twirl is a gorgeous, fun, no fuss tutu top (tutu is attached to top) that your sweetie can wear over jeans, leggings and bloomers or even a tutu!

    Overall Product Grade: A



Most moms love to have their little girls beautifully dressed. Fancy dresses and frilly frocks are a staple in any little girls’ wardrobe. But, who wants to pay a lot of money? Tutu Girl allows everyone the opportunity to dress their little one like a princess with out paying a king’s ransom.

I will be shopping at Tutu Girl for the next time the twins take pictures. I would suggest you’d do the same and with the discount code for IE Mommy readers…it just makes the deal even sweeter.


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