My Life in Pictures Challenge – Day 1 and 2!


I have wanted to participate in this challenge since I learned of it and lo and behold I totally spaced on it.

Amber at Everything Except the Grill has posted a photography challenge. Something for everyday of the week.  Since I almost completely missed Monday, I’ll post Monday & Tuesday’s challenge at the same time.

The title of the carnival is “My Life in Pictures”. Each day she has a photography challenge for us.  Here are the list of challenges below.  It will run from March 30 to April 3rd.  It’s not too late to join up so swing on by and join the fun.

  • Monday Something new
  • Tuesday- Something on your table
  • Wednesday- The view from your front door
  • Thursday- Something you do each day
  • Friday– Something old

Monday Challenge: Something New

Since I am running a day behind…I didnt’ take a new photo but found a great one that I thought fit this challenge perfect. May I introduce you to the “Newest” family member. My blue-eyed niece (yes, she is my niece, not my husbands and a full-blooded niece…don’t let the blue eyes fool ya)…Miss Hayden!


Tuesday Challenge: Something on Your Table

Mondays are always days where I am catching up from the weekend. Things tend to get  a little lax around here on the weekend especially since we were on vacation last week.  Well…you know you have to feed your family no matter what…but sometimes you just need a little help from the Colonel. I love, love, love their mashed potatoes and gravy. Yes, I know they are bad, bad, bad…but oh so yummy!


See You In My Mailbox,



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9 Responses to “My Life in Pictures Challenge – Day 1 and 2!”

  1. Oh we LOVE KFC! Great dinner choice!

  2. That’s too funny! We had pizza last night! Mostly because we had a coupon that was almost up and I didn’t feel like cooking since the kids and I have been sick. Mondays do seem to be a great day for take-out though, I’m usually catching up from the weekend as well 🙂

  3. Look at that little cutie-patootie! Those eyelashes are to die for!

    And I luuurrrrve me some Monday take-out! Good for you!

  4. yummmm…KFC. It’s been a while since we have been there. We might have to squeeze in a trip this week now that I will be craving it!

  5. Like the KFC…it’s like those really sad commercials where the only thing that brings the family together is KFC!

  6. What a great picture! KFC is delicious, but you make me want to go out and buy it!

  7. I like the focus on that second one!

    When we’re having crazy days running errands we like to go to KFC too… My 2-year-old and I love to split the mac’n’cheese and chicken poppers!

  8. Adorable baby! I love your blog! 🙂

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