Not Sure What to Buy at Sephora?? (Total

I have to admit that I get a little intimidated with stores like Sephora. I stand and drool at t he windows but haven’t a clue where to start if I go in. Every time we go to the mall and we pass Sephora I always say “oooh Sephora” to which my husband replies “Do you want to go in” and I unequivocally say “um, no…it’s okay”.

After reading this article….he’d better watch out ’cause I’m going in!
The 22 Best Sephora Buys

Consider this the ultimate buying guide to your favorite beauty store

Sephora really is the beauty junkies’ paradise. There are so many products to play with, you could spend days sampling and still not try everything. But, since most of us don’t have days, or even hours, to spend in the store, we rounded up these reader reviews and ratings for you. Now you’ll know exactly which products at Sephora are worth your precious time and money.

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No. 22: Beautyblender Sponge, $18.50 average member rating: 9.1*

Why it’s great: “This is such a wonderful tool. The broad base of the sponge is…”

No. 21: CARGO Bronzer, $25 average member rating: 9.1*

Why it’s great: “CARGO’s bronzer is a great find and beauty bag staple. CARGO didn’t leave us pale…”

No. 20: Nars Blush, $25 average member rating: 4.6*

Why it’s great: “I have the award winning shade, orgasm. I was a little apprehensive…”

Want to see what’s #1? Click here!


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  1. You should really check out the Sephora website, especially the reader reviews. It has a pretty large base of people that review and comment on the prodcuts, it’s a good place to start. I’m a huge Sephora fan!

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