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Ahhh. It’s that time again….Friday! You know I love Fridays. Not so much because I don’t have to work because well, as all you moms out there know…that just never ends. But mostly because my hubby gets to be home. It’s just different when he is home and I like it!

If you are new to Aloha Friday this is how it works. I post a question and you answer it in the comment section. Then you ask a question on your blog and have your readers answer it. Got it? Ok….

You’ll have to swing by “An Island Life” to read the question but my answer is Dancing with The Stars. Swing by An Island life and leave your answer too.

Now, for my question:

If you could be any Disney Princess who would you be and why?


I would be Belle as in Beauty and The Beast. She loves to read, is smart and courageous. She is smart, has her own opinion and doesn’t go with the crowd. She was adventurous and brave.  Yep, Belle is my favorite and who I’d love to be….if I was a cartoon.  Your turn…..



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~ by iemommy on April 3, 2009.

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  1. Good question. I think I’d have to go w/ your answer but add in there that she is a brunette like me!

    Oh & I do like Mulan (not really a princess but…). She is also smart, kind, daring & she loves her family.

  2. I’m a brunette too and would go with Belle too!

  3. cinderella, even though i’m not a blonde. didn’t she end up with the original prince charming?

  4. Think It would be Snow White. Get to live with Little people, Rest(sleep) awhile. then get a prince(man with $$$$),And Live Happy ever after. Wow, Would love It!!!

  5. I’d be Belle as well. She’s just a caring and understanding princess. She also is level headed and truthful.

  6. I think I’d go with Belle for the same reasons, or maybe Jasmine, because she seems to be a feminist, not wanting to wait around for a man to save her, or marry whoever her daddy says.

  7. Sleeping beauty! With four kids, I’m exhausted. lol

  8. LOL – before I even read your choice I thought the very same one, for the very same reason!

  9. I would be Cinderella .. she gets prince charming AND a pair of killer shoes!

  10. Oh dear, it has been a while since I have seen a Disney movie. I will go with Snow White. She was happy, had the 7 chums and then met prince charming.

  11. I have always been Belle! I LOVE Belle. She is a bookworm like me plus she would do anything for her family!

  12. I love Belle also. She was my favorite the first time I saw her. If only she had blue eyes we would be twins!

    But I would like to be sleeping beauty simply because she gets sleep and I would LOVE some right about now!

  13. How about Ariel…I’d have fabulous hair, a great family, and I am probably a wonderful swimmer!

  14. I would be Cinderella, I love a princess ending and you know being a princess she has the best clothes LOL

  15. I think I would also be Belle. I love the french aspect, her independence, and of course the fact that she read.

  16. I would like to be Arial from The little mermaid bc I love the water! And I think I am a little bit like her-very stubborn! 🙂

  17. I would be Belle as well! Maybe snow white…

  18. I would want to be Pochontas because she gets to do something in history and get to have an adventure while doing it. I love being apart of life and being adventurous. Not to mention falling in love 🙂

  19. I would be Snow White because I would love to hang out with the 7 dwarfs!

  20. Belle because she loves her father so much and turned the beast into a lovely prince

  21. I like Belle! She is pretty and smart and I like that about her.

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