My Life in Pictures Challenge – Day 5 Friday


Amber at Everything Except the Grill has posted a photography challenge. Something for everyday of the week.

The title of the carnival is “My Life in Pictures”. Each day she has a photography challenge for us. Here are the list of challenges below. It will run from March 30 to April 3rd. It’s not too late to join up so swing on by and join the fun.

  • Friday– Something old

Friday Challenge: Something Old

While I must make this explicitly clear (in case any family member read this)…I am in no way saying the people in this photo are old. Absolutely not! (read with a bit of sarcasm, lol). These are my parents. My mom is 39 years old now, yes…you read that right…she has been 39 for all of my life. Which is really kind of funny considering that I am 39 too! My father is no longer living. This picture was taken when they either were dating or just married, not sure which. But I love it.

Yes, it is an old picture…but the new love that you see in it is….breathtaking.





See You In My Mailbox!




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9 Responses to “My Life in Pictures Challenge – Day 5 Friday”

  1. Love old pictures like that. They are so fun to see the styles! Thanks for playing this week- it’s been fun!

  2. It’s a beautiful picture!

  3. I love going back and looking at old pictures of my parents too. Very nice picture! 🙂

  4. Ooooo a beautiful photo indeed!

  5. I love old pictures. I did this as well for my challenge. Stop by and check it out 🙂

  6. I love old pics, especially when they have a wonderful history behind them. Thank you for sharing.

  7. How lovely-and my mom is always 25, now how does that happen? hahaha

  8. That is a gorgeous photo! The black and white, the new love…beautiful!

  9. I LOVE LOVE pictures of the PAST!! I am social worker for the elderly and it gives me great GREAT JOY to see their pictures from the 30 and 40’s. When was this taken? I LOVE IT!

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