Here’s Something You Don’t See Everyday

I am not really a cat lover. Don’t get me wrong…I like cats…I just never had any growing up. Most of my family is allergic to cats so they were strictly forbidden. I had one cat and well, she died. After that…my mom said “No way”.

But I had to snap a picture or two of these beautiful cats. They are simple gorgeous. They have fluffy hair like a Persian but have the coloring of a tom-cat and their eyes…oh my goodness…a beautiful orange/yellow amber color and the funnest part…they are identical! Yep, twin cats!


Ok, so why am I writing about cats and so excited about them? We saw these beautiful cats running wild at California Adventure in Anaheim. Is that crazy or what? I don’t know how they got there or who dropped them off but there they sat right next to one of the restaurants just watching people walk by.

A lot of people, including myself, tried to touch them. Believe me if I could…I would have brought both of them home. But you could tell they were very wary of people because they wouldn’t come near anyone. At one point they almost touched Skylar’s hand but that was because they smelled the cotton candy…but as she reached out, they took off.

I don’t know what happened to them because the next time we went, they were gone. It’s really strange considering how tight security is at Disney and California Adventure….I mean someone couldn’t have walked in with them in their purse, could they?

I hope they found a good home and that the Disney team members didn’t call animal control. These cats were beautiful!



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~ by iemommy on April 4, 2009.

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  1. Oh how pretty, I hope they found a home too

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