How to Hang a Perfect Picture

In our family we have very distinct lines of who does what. It is not something we planned. It is just the way married life has progressed.

My husband takes care of the yard, the house & car repairs, etc. I manage the decorating, cooking, laundry and “picture hanging”.

Since I love photography…I have pictures throughout our home. When my husband hangs a picture for me. It is perfect. The picture never tilts nor are there  hidden “Trial and error” holes behind the picture. He does the job perfectly!

So what’s the problem? I am impatient. When I want a picture hung up I generally want it done “now”. So I hang them myself! Bad idea!

I purchased a susbscription to Family HandyMan magazine for my husband. I have enjoyed glancing through it and pointing out projects that I would like my husband to complete.

Quite frankly, too much work for me. The magazine suggests measuring, sanding, rulers, grids, chalk lines and laser levels (ugh…Tylenol, please!)

Nope, that is just too much work. Give me a hammer and a nail and I’ll hang my own picture. I don’t need a level to hang a picture! Because of this stubborness I have also become quite handy with patching putty.

My husband, the ever patient man, has allowed me to destroy our walls in the hopes that one day I’ll figure out that the “difficult way” is actually the right way.

Today…I did! Well, kind of…I was reading the latest issue of Family Handyman magazine and at the back there was the perfect tip for me! It’s so simple I should have thought of it.

“The next time you want to hang a picture. Stick double faced tape over the head of a thumbtack right under the picture’s mounting bracket. Hold the picture in place and push on the frame until the tack’s point pricks the wall. Presto…now you know exactly where to put the nail!!”

I can not wait to try it. I am sure my husband will be relieved. But I am not putting my patching putty away just yet.

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