Quiet Time with Only One

This morning I had the rare opportunity of having some alone time with Rylan. She woke up about a half-hour earlier then Skylar and it was a very sweet and quite time. She just wanted to be held as I sung to her a silly spur of the moment made up song. Her smile was radiant.

When you are the mother of multiples that quite time is rare and treasured. I know that any mother that has more then one child can relate.

But when you have multiples the sibling dynamic is even more unique and in many ways quite different then regular siblings.

For starters, you do not have the grace of months or years between each stage of development for each child. Multiples learn and do everything exactly at the same time!

When you have multiples…every new lesson, challenge and accomplishment is at the same time. You do not have any down time…it is all here, all now and all at once.

My twins walked and crawled within weeks of each other, teethed at the same time, spoke their first words during the same time period, potty trained at the same time and have shared every cold, flu and illness within days of each other.

Their interaction with each other has no boundaries. They do not know the meaning of “personal space” and have absolutely no qualms about being near each other. If one happens to fall asleep with her sister’s foot in her face…oh well, so be it.

There are times when I can see my daughters yearning for independence from each other. Mornings like today where one child really didn’t want the other to wake up just yet. But most of the time they are a tag team. Don’t mess with one because you’ll have double the trouble. They are best friends, partners and in many ways soul mates.

When I see them playing together I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to have one child or even one at a time and quite honestly I can only think of one word for me…lonely.

I may have missed quite moments rocking one baby and falling softly to sleep not worrying about another baby but then I would have missed double the kisses and double the mischief.

Mornings like today are priceless and I treasure each moment when it happens and try not to rush it. I know each of my little ones needs to know they are special because they are unique not only because they are part of a duo.

The greatest joy in being a mom is knowing what makes your child’s heart tick and this morning it was just a silly little made up song.



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