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bambinibliss3bambinibliss4 I love photography. My daughters have had a camera  in their personal space since day one! Now, Bambini Bliss allows the photographer’s heart, in all moms, to create pictures that are truly masterpieces.

If you have ever been there…you know how incredibly hard it is to change a child’s clothes during a photo session.  If you have the luxury of hiring a professional photographer it is a bit easier but if you are going to Picture People, Kiddie Kandids or someplace like Sears…you know it’s rush, rush and rush!

Bambini Bliss has the solution. Introducing the cutest thing ever….The Pipette and Hat Set! You are going to die whe you read how cute this is….



  • When did you start your business and What was the inspiration behind it?My business was started in 2003 in large part to my beautiful niece who was born in 2002. I live in an area with limited shopping and found myself searching on-line for a special gift. At that time, it was difficult to find baby boutiques on-line so I started my own!
  • Are you married, single, with kids, etc?I am single with lots of nieces and nephew who are all decked out in Bambini Bliss Gear.
  • What is your favorite thing(s) about your business?I love when customers send photos to me. Internet retail is a very “faceless” business, so any chance I can see my products in use by my customers is a real treat.
  • I hear you have a fun promotion for The IE Mommy readers, can you tell us about it? Of course, Take 20% off  your $100 order with coupon code IEMOMMY. Valid until April 30th.



What is not to enjoy about this site? There are so many wonderful, cute, fun and frilly items for your little one. Meeting the #1 criteria for IE Mommy satisfaction…everything is clearly labeled, easy to find and a lot of visual pictures for the customer to review.

Bambini Bliss has a few extra features that I want to share with you.

  • Bambini Bliss Newsletter – Join the newsletter to be up to date and in the “know” on the wonderful sales, fashions and promotions from  Bambini Bliss.

  • Best Sellers List – Ever have to find “the” perfect gift? Here is a great tool to view the hottest sellers at Bambini Bliss.
  • Send to a friend – I love this feature. When you find something you just have to have or perhaps, is perfect gift for a friend… you can send the product information and image link via the “send to a friend” feature.  Now, you don’t have to try and explain it. They can see it for themselves.

  • Shop by Brands – Sometimes you know exactly what you are looking to purchase. Maybe you saw it in a magazine ad. Just click on the Bambini Bliss “shop by brands” link and over 40 companies are listed! Looking for Heelarious? There they are! Maybe you saw a cute shirt for Daddy? Look for Daddy’s toolbag. Easy and at your fingertips.
  • Shipping Chart – One of my pet peeves is not knowing how much something will cost to ship until I place my credit card information into the shopping cart.. Bambini Bliss offers a very easy, legible and clear schematic of shipping charges.

Bambini Bliss is a perfect store for birthdays and baby showers. The Gift Registry feature allows your family and friends the chance to find your perfect gift.

Overall Site Grade: A



We received the beautiful Tan and Black Leopard Pipette and Hat set to review. Ladies, this was beyond cute!

What is a Pipette you might be asking? Here is your answer straight from Bambini Bliss:

“Picture a fabric “tube” gathered at the top and bottom. Makes for the most adorable photo shots! Easy pull on and off for photographers and moms. Pairs wonderfully with a variety of tutus or bloomers. This 2 piece set includes pipette and matching hat with curly marabou embellishment”

Even with a pair of baby jeans, this set would take your pictures to the next level of “adorable”. The pipette and hat set comes in Pink, Hot Pink and Zebra print. Each equally sensational! I remember all too well the days of trying to get my twins from one outfit to another when taking pictures. A fun little set like the Pipette would make life much easier. Imagine the Christmas Photos or Birthday photos  you can send to family?

While this set was quickly my favorite I have posted pictures of a few other IE Mommy favorites. Bambini Bliss offers such a unique and wide assortment of items. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, gifts…I believe you can find it all at Bambini Bliss

Overall Site Grade: A




*** The IE Mommy is always looking for products, companies and sites to review. If you have or know of a company, product or site that could use an IE Mommy review. Email me at theiemommy (at) gmail (dot) com.


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