No Router!!!

Today I was so sad. Really! So very beyond sad. My computer was not working!
It worked fine this morning, for about an hour, and then BAM! Nothing!!

I tried everything to get it going again. Rebooted, reinstalled, reloaded and rewired! NOTHING!

I seriously was panicked..okay, maybe not like “hyperventilating panick” but still I was stressing out…big time!

When my oven died I didn’t even blink an eye but, today I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

Luckily, the twins had horse riding class and family came to visit. So my mind had some place else to wonder but the moment my husband walked in the door…..

Being the ever wonderful husband that he is…he quickly called the cable/phone company and figured out that it was a bad router.  Now if you are wondering why I didn’t call the cable company.  Let’s just put it this way I would rather poke myself in the eye then talk to my cable company. My husband is a pro at calling the cable company and actually understanding what they are talking about.  I know how to work the computer but I don’t necessarily know how the computer works. Doe that make sense to anyone?

So….here I am. Finally reunited with my dear friend after a day of being apart. We had to plug the cable from the wall into the phone, move my desk to the other side of the room, closer to the outlet and I am sitting on top of an old rickety chair rather then the comfy office chair…but I am up and I am running!!!

I am so excited that I can work on my computer and frankly, that worries me just a littleteenybit…I am not sure if it’s “right” that I was that sad but…well…. you  know…you know…heck, I got nothin’…I was sad, that simple. End of story!


~ by iemommy on April 14, 2009.

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  1. I TOTALLY understand! When my router stopped working one day I went into panic mode too. For me, I felt isolated without having the internet. I usually only get on the computer twice a day (during naptime and in the evening) but it’s a security blanket for me knowing the stream of information is there if I need it.

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