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  • When did you start your business?
    SavvyGirl & Co. began in 2002, when I decided to leave the corporate world and enjoy the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter, Savvy. I have always lovedsavvygirl4 creating and I LOVE jewelry and fashion. So, putting it all together in one package was the perfect combination for me. Having the opportunity to make an all original piece for my clients is the best reward I can think of. I truly love to make my customers happy!

  • What was the inspiration behind starting your business? I have always had a pure love and passion for creating and designing. Which began when I was a very young girl. I was often found doodling whenever I could and I kept my “early designs and love for fashion” close to my heart.
  • Are you married, single, with kids, etc? I  have been married for 12 years to Damon, who serves in the U.S. Navy, and we have two daughters, Savannah and Halle, who are the absolute delights of my life!


  • What is your favorite thing(s) about your business? At SavvyGirl, we have a very unique concept and one that keeps me really busy. We post new pieces on Monday-Friday which keeps our clients coming back often to see what we are doing next. So, if you see something you love, don’t wait to long or it just might be gone. Each piece has it’s own unique personality and will always come on-line with the perfect name. My personal favorites over the past year have been the Confetti, Kaleidoscope, Tangelo and Candy Apples. We also incorporate the latest in fashion trends, some of our “Favorite Finds” and include a yummy recipe for clients to try on Wednesday. So, our site has something for everyone!
  • I hear you have a fun promotion for The IE Mommy readers, can you tell us about it? Yes, I would like to offer any IE Mommy reader, FREE Shipping and $5.00 OFF your first purchase. When you email me your order, please reference the code, IE MOMMY.



The Savvy Girl & Co. website is so visually pleasing. Every part of the site is vibrant, lively and very easy to follow.  Web assistance with buttons for “Shipping & Handling”, “Placing an Order”,savvygirl5 “Returns & Exchanges” and even “TLC” for your jewelry are all clearly labeled on the home page. You do not have to search page after page to locate the information you need.  With the consumer in mind this site is very accessible.

But….this is what The IE Mommy likes the most about Savvy Girl & Co. The site is fun! It has an alive vibe to it and it seems like something is always happening.

There is color and vibrancy throughout. This site has a pulse! There are literally hundreds of pictures of different necklaces and bracelets.   When Cydney Dixon introduces a new piece of the Savvy Girl & Co jewelry line it is as if she is introducing a brand new baby to the world. There is always a little story of how each piece was “born”.

In fact,  you can even help Cydney and Savvy Girl & Co name their new little creations. It a wonderfully interactive way to get the customer involved and having fun.

Savvy Girl & Co. is a site that the IE Mommy loves to “drool” over.
Overall Site Review Grade: A+



Every women loves to feel special. They love the feeling that they are unique. I have yet to meet a women who doesn’t love to feel that way.

Savvy Girl & Company is  a place that not only makes a women feel unique and special…each and every piece they create is unique and special. What better match could you ask for?


Each day you can be assured a new and dynamic piece will make it’s mark. Something you just have to have will definitely catch your eye….and if not your eye…then your tummy.

To add a bit of crafty to the whimsical of the site…Savvy Girl & Co offers the most heavenly, decadent and delicious dessert recipes each and every Wednesday!  With recipes like: Peanut Blossoms, Pomegranate Salad, Caramel Apples & 7-up Cake and jewelry with names like: Tangelo, Nantucket, Midnight Rendezvous, Kaleidoscope, Beach Day, Malibu and Watermelon Twist…every bit of my senses are delighted!

Shopping and eating…wow! Savvy Girl & Company is my very own vacation in a website! Swing by and take a look at all the beautiful creations they offer…and don’t forget to tell them The IE Mommy sent you!



Savvy Girl & Co is offering ONE Lucky IE Mommy reader the chance to win the Beautiful Kaleidoscope necklace shown below. ($61.00 value).

The IE Mommy wants someone to be very, very happy that they have won this necklace that we are giving everyone up to EIGHT chances to enter!

Contest will run until midnight (PST) – April 25th. Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on April 26th! Contest Open to U.S. Residents Only at this time.

Win This!

Win This!


    • Receive ONE Entry by visiting Savvy Girl & Company and then return to the IE Mommy and leave a comment as to what is your favorite item.
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  1. I like the Golden Princess Necklace.

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  5. I like the Jolie necklace. Thanks for the chance.

  6. I really love the Spring necklace.

  7. This was a great post, I love how you did background on what got you started in such a successful business. It gives others aspiring to have their very own business something to shoot for and really get things going.

    The feeling of working from home or having your own business is definitely something everyone should experience. Breaking the bonds of the corprate world, to stay at home with family to do things that you love and produce and incredible income is the essence of success. Good luck to the winnner of that beautiful necklace and Kudos to IE Mommy

  8. I love the Choco Latte Necklace. Besides being beautiful, the name sounds delicious, too! Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. I am a collector of Savvygirl pieces. They are gorgeous and unique and always get lots of compliments. My current favorite is my Kaleidoscope bracelet. Fleur de Lis is a fun longer piece and goes with everything. The quality of Cydney’s pieces is unmatched. Put one on your Mother’s Day wish list.

  10. My favorite item is a Beach Day — Necklace.

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  13. I absolutely love the Limeade Crush – Necklace! So chunky and such fun colors!

  14. I really love the Kaleidescope II neckelace and the Valentina necklace but there are really so many gorgeous ones to choose from. I love SavvyGirl jewelry. She has such gorgeous, high quality pieces. Thanks for the chance to win!

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  16. Sweetheart Bracelet is pretty!

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  19. I love the spring necklace. The colors are just so fun.

  20. Savvy Girl $ Company has some spectacular and very enchanting jewelry! I love so many of the unique and beautiful designs. My favorite item is the Golden Princess Necklace. I love the combinations of the smokey quartz with the golden freshwater pearls and the silver links give it that very sleek and very chic look that I strive to achieve. I also adore the bright and cheerful necklace that is part of this giveaway ~ it is just my style too! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter.

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  25. I love the golden princess necklace

  26. I like Orange Dream Machine

    Thanks for the giveaway

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    Great giveaway!

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  40. The Sweetheart Bracelet is my favorite!

  41. I like the Limeade Spritzer

  42. i like the lilly earrings

  43. love the orange chocolatte necklace

  44. I simply adore the Tangelo Pendants!!! I love OOAK jewelry…so this website is right up my ally!!!

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  51. Love, Love, Love Orange Chocolatte. Beautiful!

  52. I love Beach Day!

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  56. I like the Black Vintage Bracelet.

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  59. I love Beach Day 2, but what a tough choice. The jewelry is all so beautiful and unique.

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  68. “Beautiful” bracelet is really beautiful! Love it!

  69. I like the limeade crush necklase among others. Nice stuff!

  70. jasmine necklace

    Orange Dream Machine necklace is wonderfully whimsical and is a perfect marriage with my orange tunic with the plunging neckline.

  72. Love the bamboo orchid.
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  74. Magnolia necklace is so amazing! Would love to have it.

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  76. I love the black Vintage Bracelet very much, the whole collection is so beautiful, it is hard to select just one!!!


  77. I love the Earth necklace

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  79. The Recycle Necklace is my favorite!

  80. Love the ocean necklace

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  87. Great giveaway! My favorite from her shop is the “endangered” necklace! Beautiful!
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  91. WOW! So many gorgeous pieces! I really love her style! I think my favorite piece is either recycled or endangered! Both are stunning!

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  96. my favorite is the Magnolia necklace.

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  100. Limeade Crush necklace. Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway

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  102. The Limeade Crush – Necklace is my favorite.

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