Aloha Friday


Did this week fly by for anyone else? Man! I am still thinking it is going to be Wednesday! I don’t have a lot of great plans for the weekend…I just like weekends….even more I like Aloha Fridays!

Do you wanna play along?


Here is your question….are you ready?

***What Do you Wish You Could Deduct on Your Taxes?**

Don’t forget to swing by An Island Life and answer her question…while you are there answer a few others too!


~ by iemommy on April 17, 2009.

25 Responses to “Aloha Friday”

  1. How about all the Carbs and chocolate I ate this last year???!!! lol That would be my “sweet” revenge to the lbs they left me with lol

  2. My renter who screwed me out of $6000. Yup.

  3. I wish I could deduct my spending on clothes and fun… wouldnt the IRS love me

  4. I wish we could deduct our pets. They cost as much as the kids did!

  5. My House work. All the time I spend doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and just picking up after people. Hey can’t I claim myself as a self employed Maid.,lol

  6. I wish I could deduct groceries. With all that my two teenage boys eat, I’d NEVER have to pay a dime in taxes. lol

  7. All my mortgage payments? ;P

    Happy Aloha Friday!

  8. I wish I could deduct my almost 4 year olds Thomas trains. He’s got TONS of them. I call it his college fund because when he’s done with them I plan to ebay the collection, lol.

  9. My cat, she is a family memember. πŸ˜‰

  10. Diapers! I want to deduct diapers, pull ups, good nights anything covering my child’s bottom!

  11. I am not sure because my business allows me to deduct quite a few things but what about the meals we have to eat while at work there are times you can’t bring your lunch

  12. Scrapbooking items πŸ™‚

  13. Gas, Groceries, Shopping trips to the mall

  14. I definately wish I could deduct clothes! I would buy so many more if I could deduct it!

  15. I liked Auntie E’s response – housework would be awesome to deduct πŸ™‚

  16. my laptop

  17. Definitely would love to get something back on car payments. Seems only fair since we helped to stimulate the economy purchasing the new car anyway.

  18. I would like to deduct all of my entertainment and eating out spending.

  19. oooh, how about all of the time I spend procrastinating?

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