Time with Daddy

I know that Mother’s Day is right around the corner but I found myself thinking of my dad today…which of course let me to think about my husband and my daughters.

My girls absolutely, totally and unequivocally love their Daddy. He is number one!
They jump from whatever they are doing when he gets home. He can make them laugh with one silly “knock knock” joke and he can tell made up, spur of the moment stories better than anyone.

I enjoy watching the three of them interact. Whether they are reading books, spider hunting or just “chilling down“, as they like to say, they love spending time with daddy.

Recently during lunch Daddy was showing the girls the old “look over there” routine as he would swipe one of their potato chips. The girls caught on quick and before you know it all MY chips were gone.  The laughter and looks on all three of their faces will be etched in my mind permanently.

I remember outings with my dad when I was little. We often went fishing, motorcycle riding and to the local swap meets. I would even go the auto parts store or Pep Boys just to be with him. I loved every minute of it when it was just the two of us.

My dad did not know he was doing it. My husband doesn’t either. All dads do this when they spend time with their daughters…they show them what love is. What it takes to be a father, a friend and a man.

I’m proud of my husband and the relationship he is fostering with our daughters. I know there will be bumpy times in the future as they become teenagers, it happens to the best of us…but these memories and moments will not be forgotten.

Just like I will never forget moments with my dad…the twins will always remember. I encourage all the men out there..whether you are a dad, granddad, uncle or brother…spend time with them…teach them what true men that love, honor and cherish their families are like.

Give your daughters, sisters, granddaughters and nieces an image that they can look forward to in a husband.


~ by iemommy on April 21, 2009.

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