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I am currently reading a book by Andy Andrews, entitled The Noticer. I’ll be posting a full review on the book on the 27th. You can read about the 5 people I noticed, thanks to this book right here

In the first chapter this question is posed to the main character. When I read I had to pause for a bit to answer it for myself. I thought I’d share the thought with you….so the question today is…

“What one (1) thing would “OTHERS” change about you?”

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~ by iemommy on April 24, 2009.

13 Responses to “Aloha Friday”

  1. I really don’t know. I always say that we cannot read anther’s thoughts. My take on that question would be a psychological one in that the answer would mean, what do I want to change about myself.

  2. Others would probably want me to be more outgoing.

  3. Others would probably change the fact that I can be positively pessimistic at times.

  4. My lazyness

  5. Get me off of the computer probably

  6. I think others would definitely change my patience level. I am much to quick to get angry or very irritated.

  7. I think they would probably change my inability to remember things. I have the worst memory.

  8. probably the way I voice my opinion

  9. I just asked my husband this question. LOL…he said that I would stop leaving the toothpaste open…lol

  10. Nothing I’m perfect !
    LOL, ok i’m done laughing. UMMM, I don’t. I know I have faults but I’m not sure what anyone would want to change.

  11. Probably that I am too loud. Especially when I am excited or upset I am often yelling and have no idea. People find it very annoying.

  12. I’m an eager beaver!

  13. I am overly honest and eccentric.

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