Coupons and Kids (Make More Cents)



What Do We Tell Our Children About Coupons?

Coupon use is increasing as families struggle to lower spending and stretch their budgets.  In 2008, coupons accounted for almost $3 billion in savings to customers.  78% of retail customers use newspaper coupons, and 40% look for coupons on-line.  Coupons are recognized as a form of currency.  So, as we educate our children about money basics, what do we tell them about coupons?  Here are my thoughts:

  • Coupons are like money.  We collect coupons from the mail, newspapers, magazines and on-line.
  • Coupons help us save on things we buy. We don’t just use a coupon to use it or because we have it.
  • We collect coupons for the things we normally buy. When we buy the product, we give the coupon to the store clerk and the amount of the coupon is deducted from what we have to pay.
  • Sometimes we find coupons for special things we do not normally buy or have not bought before. These special coupons allow us to treat ourselves to products that might regularly be too expensive or to try products we have not bought before.

Regardless of the economy, coupons are here to stay.  Having a point-of-view on their use and communicating that to your kids will add to their financial literacy.  Please leave a comment if you have other thoughts and ideas about coupons.

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