Small Talk Six – What You Do Bothers Me?!?!

I am out the door and running (ok, really I’m taking the car) but I had to get a few things posted first.

I had to take a moment to participate in my new fun pastime…Small Talk Six.

Today’s question is: What 6 things do other people do that make you personally uncomfortable?

For whatever reason, maybe I am just picky, but these came to me way too easy, lol!

It Bothers Me When….

  1. Strangers invade my personal space
  2. People ask me too many personal questions when I first meet them (how that works with me being a blogger, I don’t know? I mean, my goodness….I tell the “WORLD” everything but one on one….don’t ask. Go figure!)
  3. Adults sneeze without over covering their mouths
  4. People walk into a door first and let it close in my face instead of holding it open. Even worse if it is a man or I have the children.
  5. People judge me based on the color of my skin
  6. When strangers touch my children. (We get a lot of attention because they are identical twins and sometimes people get a little too personal and a little too touchy feely.)

Ta-da!  My answers…now, what are yours?

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~ by iemommy on April 25, 2009.

11 Responses to “Small Talk Six – What You Do Bothers Me?!?!”

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  2. Most of those bother me as well.

  3. I agree with number 6 totally. Why do people think it’s o.k to do it, I don’t get it.

  4. love it- i am the same way one on one!

  5. Obvious fishing for compliments, standing to close in line, leering at me, people arguing loud in public, people who curse throughout their conversations, looking over my shoulder when I’m trying to learn something new. Took me awhile to think of 6!

  6. Seems like we all hate the personal space thing.
    Wonder if the space invaders do as well…..

  7. I’m the same way with #2! I hate being bombarded with questions!

  8. I agree with the strangers touching your children. My son is a preemie and I remember when we went out to eat, some random person comes up and attempts to take him out of my hands to hold him, then starts stroking his arms and face. I have since learned to step up and ask them to stop – but it annoyed me. And even if he weren’t a preemie, it would bother me!

  9. Number 4 happens to me all the time. Usually, when I have at least 3 kids in tow.

  10. Oh I sooo agree with your list!!

  11. I don’t like it when people touch my children either, even if it’s just patting them on the head.

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